October 19, 2018
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Tuesday, May 29, 2018: Cote is Maine’s next great leader, reject St. Clair for Congress, ranked-choice promises overblown

Cote is Maine’s next great leader

Maine’s been fortunate to be blessed with great elected leaders whose commitment to public service and devotion to our state supersede their personal interests. Leaders like Margaret Chase Smith, Ed Muskie, William Cohen, George Mitchell, Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins. All believed — some still do — that a committed individual willing to submit their values and beliefs to public scrutiny can make a difference for the greater good. Adam Cote is that type of leader.

Cote’s service and commitment to his community, state and country are above reproach. A native of Sanford, he has served on a school committee, states boards and served with Maine Army National Guard through three tours of duty: Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq. His devotion to his family — including the love he has for his five kids — is the catalyst driving him to make our state a better place for all Mainers.

With uncompromising personal integrity, he is his own man. Cote will put our state’s future above any political party agenda and his presence at the state capitol will be the much-needed calm in the raging political storm hanging over Augusta. Unlike his predecessor, he will prudently temper his personal opinions, empathize with hard-working Mainers struggling day to day, and be Maine’s champion in the media and to the nation. Cote is Maine’s next great leader.

Mike Turcotte

St. Clair for Congress

I am 67 years old, and I have never missed an election. Yes, even primary elections. And I am not going to miss next month’s Democratic primary either.

When I moved from Minnesota to Millinocket, I was surprised that I had to declare a party when I registered to vote. Not all states require that for registration, but I declared because I didn’t want to be unable to participate in selecting who would run for election. I am so glad that I did and to declare my support for Lucas St. Clair.

St. Clair embodies what we need in Congress right now: respectful tenacity; ability to listen; ability to work well with others; and honesty. He will represent us well and will never stop working to make a better future for all of us.

St. Clair has my vote, and I hope he has your vote, too.

MaryAlice Mowry

Ranked-choice promises overblown

Supporters of ranked-choice voting claim that it will encourage civility, result in the election of more moderate candidates, and result in whoever is elected having received a majority of the vote. Looking at the June primaries, I believe the actual result may be quite different.

What I see is a “free for all” with a large number of fringe candidates running for office. Most would have had little chance of being elected under the plurality system but now are betting on being the eventual winner after a series of ranked-choice eliminations. Each believes they will receive enough second, third, etc., choices to push them over 50 percent. More moderate candidates actually have to move either to the left or right in order to appeal to fringe voters to choose them as their second choice. And ranked-choice voting actually results in the winner receiving the majority of remaining votes after exhausted ballots are no longer counted. In a race with many candidates, this may be far less than a majority of votes actually cast.

There is a way to actually achieve what was promised with ranked-choice voting. Before every list of candidates for office add the choice of “None of the candidates below.” Also all blank ballots, damaged ballots, exhausted ballots and otherwise disqualified ballots are automatically counted as “None of the candidates below.” Adding this change would guarantee that only a moderate candidate who is supported by a true majority of all votes cast would be elected.

Bruce Jellison

St. Clair a new voice

The time has come for voters in Maine’s 2nd Congressional District to support a strong and creative Democratic candidate who can actually win the general election in November 2018. Lucas St. Clair has for years demonstrated the ability to communicate with Maine residents — in all walks of life and throughout the state — while working creatively and persistently to promote and preserve the natural treasures of Maine.

As a private citizen, St. Clair has shown extraordinary dedication to Maine, and has worked tirelessly and successfully on issues of real significance to this state. He has demonstrated the ability to turn his dedication to Maine into results — including helping bring the Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument to reality. St. Clair also personally understands the critical importance of issues related to Maine’s small businesses, education, environment, health care and social justice for all our residents.

We desperately need Democratic representation for Maine’s 2nd District. We, therefore, need an extremely strong and passionate Democratic candidate for the general election campaign if we are to unseat incumbent Rep. Bruce Poliquin, who seems incapable of either communication or creative thinking. We need a new voice in Congress. St. Clair promises to be that voice. I urge Democrats to vote for St. Clair in the June 12 primary.

Sondra Lage

St. Clair’s burned bridges

I have read several letters in the BDN paper endorsing Democrat Lucas St. Clair to represent the 2nd Congressional District. A woman from Orland wrote in the May 14 paper that St. Clair was a good listener and effective planner.

She should talk with many of the residents in the Katahdin, Patten, Medway region who actually hate St. Clair and his mother, Roxanne Quimby, for their heavy-handed and unreasonable approach toward the leaseholders on the property Quimby bought in that area. There was no listening or common sense — just move your camps off our property in one year or we will burn them, which they did. One lady had had a lease for almost 50 years on the Mattagammon River but was forced out.

Many of St. Clair’s actions in that region show me that he should not be the person representing the 2nd District.

Merle Cousins
Southwest Harbor

Election notice

The BDN will stop accepting letters and OpEds related to the June 12 election on June 1. Not all submissions can be published.


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