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Robert Burton

Parkman murder suspect sighted in Guilford

Multiple law enforcement agencies were in the First and Second Davis Pond area of Guilford on Monday, where a sighting of Robert …

Bernie Sanders urges ‘political revolution’ in Portland

The 2016 election may be 16 months away, but you wouldn’t know it from the thousands of people who turned out Monday …

Workplace injuries, low wages and high cost of living plague Maine in financial ranking

When it comes to online rankings and national publications, Maine isn’t always just being lauded for its delicious lobster rolls. In an annual ranking by the …

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Standish family handcuffed at gunpoint because of 911 hoax

State and local law enforcement officers including a Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office …



Oysters on demand on the streets of Portland

  He reminds me a bit of Molly Malone. Only instead of crying “cockles and mussels,” Brendan Parsons is challenging people on Commercial Street to …

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