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Why this Maine family has been fighting for access to its summer home

25 mins ago
“I am discouraged, upset and bewildered by the situation that my family has encountered with the National Park Service.”

Portland mayor's proposed rental regulations could hit legal roadblocks, experts say

Some legal experts have concerns about whether a number of the measures would stand a constitutional test and be enforceable.

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Pardon my French on Katahdin Woods and Waters Monument

2 hours ago
C’est la vie. It is fait accompli. Seisin of thousands of acres of Maine has been signed …

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Millinocket residents react to land transfer for North Woods national monument

News that Roxanne Quimby transferred 87,563 acres to the federal government on Tuesday in a major step toward the creation of a proposed North Woods national monument drew mixed, but passionate reactions from Millinocket residents.

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