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After obscene tirade, LePage challenges Democrat to a duel

1 hour ago
Warning: The language in the recording may not be suitable for children or the workplace.

Why this Maine family has been fighting for access to its summer home

“I am discouraged, upset and bewildered by the situation that my family has encountered with the National Park Service.”
The central offices of Portland Public Schools can be seen on Cumberland Avenue in Portland in this May 2016 file photo.

We can improve our schools by drawing on the knowledge of immigrant families

To make our schools more accessible, faculty and staff should definitely improve outreach to these families — but that isn’t enough.

Pardon my French on Katahdin Woods and Waters Monument

C’est la vie. It is fait accompli. Seisin of thousands of acres of Maine has been signed …

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The new national monument leader wants ‘to hear what people have to say'

Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument opened an office Thursday in the town that arguably has been most opposed to his efforts. Nevertheless, he is excited to hear what the have to say.

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