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Peregrine Turbine Technologies recently signed an agreement with the Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico, to test the high-efficiency turbine generator it plans to put on the market in 2018. Above, Darryn Fleming and Jim Pasch, both principal investigators for different projects related to the lab's supercritical carbon dioxide generator research program, inspect a turbine and compressor inside a test facility at Sandia.

Maine firm thinks it has solution to New England’s energy woes

2 hours ago
“We’re coming into the marketplace at just the right time,” David Stapp, president of the Wiscasset-based Peregrine Turbine Technologies, said. “There’s a real need for energy innovation.”
Appleton artist Abbie Read is among a group of Maine artists whose work is hanging in the residence of Dana Smith, U.S. ambassador to Qatar.

Appleton artist’s ‘Library’ reaches international audience

Last October, Appleton artist Abbie Read found herself not only shipping five heavy panels of her massive wall-mounted sculpture to the U.S. embassy in Doha, Qatar, but following them there in person to oversee their installation in the official residence of U.S. Ambassador Dana Smith.
2 hours ago

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Bruce Poliquin reportedly signs contract with NRCC’s ‘Patriot Program’

13 mins ago
Good morning, folks. Doesn’t that crisp, cool air feel wonderful? Makes me want to go …


Basant Paradis is the owner of and head baker for Cake Concoctions, a new bakery that has opened on Water Street in downtown Bangor.

New bakery in downtown Bangor celebrates sweet science

Although her work life now deals in flour, sugar, butter and eggs, Basant G. Paradis hasn’t forgotten her roots as a chemist. In fact, the baking she does at her new Bangor business, Cake Concoctions on Water Street in downtown Bangor, is its own kind of sweet science.

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