Bangor’s most famous resident celebrates his 70th birthday on Sept. 21, hot on the heels of the blockbuster release of “IT,” which is now the highest-grossing Stephen King film adaptation of all time. And yet, to longtime greater Bangor residents, he’s just Steve. Read More
It was still dark. The only other things moving about were hardcore runners on the Back Cove trail and mosquitoes buzzing around my noggin. Read More
      There are few places left today where people from differing backgrounds, religions, ethnicities, and world views can come together peacefully, and happily to talk than craft beer tasting rooms. In the 18th century great thinkers, philosophers, and politicians would meet in salons and pubs where they would enjoy a… Read More
Sec. Zinke recommends “Active timber management” for parts of Katahdin monument. Read More