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Shane Hall

Rockland kidnap victim describes how she fought back

“I’m rooting for the longest sentence possible. I want him to rot in jail.”

Unplugging a way of life: Maine island eyes trading local control for cheaper electricity

2 hours ago
“That was really what people had to weigh: the cost versus the loss of control and loss of that on-island employment.”
Violet Wedick (left) and her family.

My daughter was born a boy. Here’s why we’re just like any other Maine family.

“Having a trans child means a lot more worry and more than a few awkward conversations when we run into people who we haven’t seen since before the transition, but it doesn’t change anything about how we operate as a family.”

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Arctic Council gathering to be held in Portland

2 hours ago
Nearly 250 people are expected to attend the Arctic Council gathering, which includes several events scheduled from Oct. 3-6 in Maine’s largest city.

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