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Leon Gorman, grandson of L.L. Bean founder Leon Leonwood Bean, died Thursday, Sept. 3, after a battle with cancer. He was 80. The company unveiled the above portrait by artist Jon R. Friedman during a celebration of Gorman's time as president of the retailer in May.

Leon Gorman, longtime leader of LL Bean, dies at 80

2 hours ago
Leon Gorman, grandson of L.L. Bean and longtime leader of the iconic outdoors store, has died from cancer. He was 80.
Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina speaks at a Maine Heritage Policy Center luncheon in South Portland Thursday.

Carly Fiorina tells Maine audience she wants to cut government

The former Hewlett-Packard CEO called for reducing government expenses, and restoring accountability and leadership …

How deadly moose really are in Maine, in 4 charts

Crashing a car into a moose is a fear held by most Mainers. And each year about 436 people will see their fear come true.

Police investigate source of explicit photos of Maine girls on Facebook

2 hours ago
The Maine law enforcement agencies have worked to track down the person or persons responsible for Facebook pages on which nude photos of Maine teens were posted …

Lincoln pool hall to hold fundraiser for drowned girl’s funeral

21 mins ago
David Guthrie can’t say he knew Carissa Jo Babcock particularly well. The …

Scarborough could limit beach parking, tables proposal to ban undressing in lot

Town councilors Wednesday took what could be the first steps toward restricting …

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