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At McMurdo Station, (from left) Eric Steig, Paul Mayewski and Gordon Hamilton discuss preparation for the 2002-2003 International Trans-Atlantic Scientific Expedition. The final year of a four-season project, the team began its six-week to seven-week expedition journey over the West Antarctica Ice Sheet toward the South Pole. International Trans-Atlantic Scientific Expedition, a multi-national, multi-disciplinary program, is geared to produce an improved description and understanding of environmental change in Antarctica over the last 200 years.

UMaine climate scientist perishes in accident in Antarctica

4 mins ago
Gordon Hamilton died after falling 100 feet when the snowmobile he was riding hit a crevasse.
Marijuana-infused sour gummy bear candies (left) are shown next to regular ones at right in a photo illustration near to where they were purchased in Northglenn, Colorado, in this October 2014 file photo.

Legal marijuana’s risks for children aren’t what you might think

Marijuana poisonings among the youngest Maine children are uncommon, but rising.

This murderer was hanged in Portland’s Bramhall Square for piracy

His trial commenced on the morning of June 4th. By suppertime, he’d been convicted. The next day, the judge sentenced him to hang.

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