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Bangor Councilor Joe Baldacci speaks in support of raising the city's minimum wage during a meeting Thursday night at Abraham Lincoln School in Bangor.

Baldacci: Portland minimum wage hike could pressure Bangor to follow

If Portland increases its minimum wage and Bangor doesn’t follow suit, young workers could leave the state’s most youthful city in search …

Young Maine couple give up city life, take on challenge at Monroe farm

Editor’s Note: This is the first in an occasional series about a young couple beginning a farming life in Monroe. Sign up for the weekly …
2 hours ago
Valerie Chiasson's tiny house in Brooklin.

Living in a tiny house: ‘The hardest thing about it … is finding a place for the cat’s litter box’

Valerie Chiasson moved into her 230-square-foot house in Brooklin in November. Unlike many tiny houses, this one is set on a foundation. Here she shares more details …

Maine bill to limit gun access for domestic abusers advances

2 hours ago
AUGUSTA | A bill expanding the reach of Maine law that makes it illegal …

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Firefighters on scene of Brewer apartment building fire

Firefighters from Brewer and neighboring communities were at the scene of an …

The trials and tribulations of the free range parent

These days, the topic of childhood freedom seems to be everywhere. The story of the …

Police identify victim, suspect in Portland shooting

Portland police have identified the two people involved in a shooting at …

Presque Isle community center bids higher than anticipated

City councilors will meet Monday to discuss the proposed Presque Isle …



As Maine weighs e-cigarette limits, ‘vaping’ among U.S. teens triples

Add this to the list of electronics consuming teenagers’ attention: cigarettes. Use of electronic cigarettes tripled among American middle and high school students over the course of just …

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