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Doug Damon shows his support during a rally to show support for police and those who serve the country Friday on the Joshua Chamberlain Bridge in Bangor.

Bangor rally shows support for law enforcement

2 hours ago
Waving signs and flags, people from several Greater Bangor communities showed their appreciation Friday for local law enforcement at a time when …

‘You’ll go where you look,’ so don’t look down

1 hour ago
“Head up. Squeeze both brakes. Let off. Roll on the throttle,” I chanted. “Look through the curve. You’ll go where you look.”

In new movie, Colin Farrell must find mate or be turned into a lobster. No, really…

In his latest movie, Hollywood star Colin Farrell prefers Maine’s signature seafood. But not for dinner. The science fiction-romantic thriller mashup film “The Lobster” is …

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3 hours ago

Sen. Collins faces tough Iran choices

After losing state lease to competitor, railroad company leaving Maine

BANGOR | The company that has operated Maine Eastern Railroad’s freight and excursion rail …



Did legalizing medical pot save some Mainers from prescription painkiller deaths?

Maine knows all too well the potential dangers of narcotic painkillers. Many a journey down the dark path of addiction begins with a prescription for Vicodin, …


Basant Paradis is the owner of and head baker for Cake Concoctions, a new bakery that has opened on Water Street in downtown Bangor.

New bakery in downtown Bangor celebrates sweet science

Although her work life now deals in flour, sugar, butter and eggs, Basant G. Paradis hasn’t forgotten her roots as a chemist. In fact, the baking she does at her new Bangor business, Cake Concoctions on Water Street in downtown Bangor, is its own kind of sweet science.

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