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Challenges of running lighthouse inn at sea

BOOTHBAY HARBOR | Change sheets, make beds, sweep floors, stock the larder. For most innkeepers, the chore list is a nonstop routine. However, when …
Monique Bouchard (center), dressed as Bangor's most famous madam, Fan Jones, talks about some of Bangor's history on Saturday. Bouchard lead a walking tour around the city's most notorious section known in the late 19th century as the Devil's Half Acre.

Tour the Devil’s Half Acre with Bangor’s infamous madam

12 mins ago
A man rushed up to Monique Bouchard on Saturday night in West Market Square and demanded to know why as a single …

This map shows where in Maine the most cases of STDs are reported

Can you guess where in Maine has the highest rate of STDs?

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3 hours ago

Maine’s Bob Marley takes a stand for Tom Brady

Thief pilfers $15,000 from American Legion Post 86

GRAY | An estimated $15,000 in cash was taken late Saturday night or early …

New lifesaving tactical camera coming to Maine jails

2 hours ago
It has six cameras. It’s throwable. And, if you’re a cop, a soldier or a …


U.S. Southwest of Texas player Joe Gobillot (left) is tagged out by U.S. West catcher German Rodriguez during the opening game of the Senior League World Series Sunday at Mansfield Stadium in Bangor.

Defending champions win 12-inning Senior League World Series opener

BANGOR | If the opening game of this year’s Senior League World Series is any indication, the weeklong Little League baseball championships for 14- …



What does summer in Maine mean to you?

When the snow is knee-deep and the wind rips down out of Canada, it can be hard to remember how fabulous — if fleeting — …



Children’s Leukemia Foundation folds amid fraud claims

In August 2009, Neal Rubin wrote a scathing piece for The Detroit News about the National Children’s Leukemia Foundation, or NCLF. It wasn’t the first …



Why Coleen Singer’s obituary spoke to me

So was Coleen Singer a victim of partisan politics? I think so. And I think that more people should talk openly about how access to health care has affected their lives.



Greek Salad Pita

  How often do you pack lunch for yourself? That’s a question I have been mulling a lot lately. For me, the answer is ‘not …

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