A bobcat strolls past a trail camera in Waldoboro after snatching this mystery mammal for its breakfast on the morning of July 2. Credit: Courtesy of Bill Wallace

Today’s cool trail camera offering comes to us from Bill Wallace of Waldoboro.

Wallace recently sent in a photo of a gorgeous bobcat patrolling the woods near his home in February of 2019. He said it was one of a handful of bobcat photos he had captured on the property.

Now, he’s shared another. The difference is that this one comes with a bit of mystery.

The cat in the photo, tucked down in the lower left-hand corner, appears to be quite relaxed after having made a kill. The bobcat is shown with another furry creature in its jaws.

However, the lighting in the photo and the detail are such that it’s not a foregone conclusion what the bobcat is having for breakfast. It was taken at 8:15 a.m. on Friday, July 2.

So, today’s question is, what is the unfortunate victim?

I have some thoughts, but would hate to spoil it for anyone who wants to venture a guess. Feel free to weigh in over the next few days. Then, we’ll enlist the help of a furbearer biologist from the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife to provide the definitive identification.

Bobcats reportedly eat everything from mice to full-grown deer, but the animal shown is decidedly in between those in terms of size.

Many thanks to Bill Wallace for sharing another Maine wildlife photo.

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