Two handsome bucks visit a field of clover and pose for a trail camera photo. Credit: Courtesy of Rocky Smart

Some of us — like me — spend our lives waiting to cross paths with a huge buck. Others — like the man who sent in today’s trail camera photo — live near dozens of huge deer, and have the pics to prove it.

Rocky Smart lives in Sand Springs, Oklahoma, and he has sent us several great shots, including one that showed four deer joining two raccoons for a breakfast.

Today’s shot isn’t quite so whimsical, but it’s equally impressive. Smart’s photo shows two bucks sporting massive antlers. And they’re among several huge deer that regularly stop by for a meal.

“This is my backyard,” Smart said. “I have bigger buck pictures. They always come around, eating clover. The raccoons are always there, too, just foraging, [as is] a large bobcat.”

Smart said he sometimes puts out a bit of corn, but that tends to attract crows, so he doesn’t do that very often.

Thanks for the great photos, Rocky! There’s six months left until firearms deer season here in Maine, but these photos will help all us deer hunters dreaming of great times to come.

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John Holyoke

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