A fox and a raccoon have a late-night meeting in this backyard trail camera photo. Credit: Courtesy of Craig Sharp

There are all kinds of interesting things going on in your backyard while you’re sitting on your couch, watching TV, or after you’ve snuggled into your bed for the night.

The wild things are out there. Somewhere. Believe it.

That’s one of the things I’ve learned (again and again and again) in the trail camera series we’ve been running for the past five months. The critters are out there in the woods, to be sure. But they’re also right outside your house, having odd meetings with animals they have nothing in common with.

Today’s evidence of that comes from Craig Sharp of Excelsior Springs, Missouri, who captured this cool image on his trail cam. In this nighttime photo, a fox and a raccoon get together to look for food, or swap gossip, or trade recipes for roadkill casserole.

Or something like that.

Back in January we featured another of Sharp’s trail cam photos. It was a great shot of a deer and a black cat having a staredown.

As for these two, we’ll never know exactly what kind of mischief this fox and raccoon are plotting, but the photo is pretty awesome anyway.

Keep ’em coming!

Did you miss our BDN Events trail camera class by Bud Utecht on March 16? Bud will be back for two more virtual classes, March 17 and March 18, at 7 p.m. each night. These are ticketed events, so you’ll have to purchase a ticket in advance.

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John Holyoke

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