A large group of wild hogs gather around a feeder in the late afternoon in this trail camera photo. Credit: Courtesy of Raymond Baird

When we began this trail camera feature in October, I expected to receive plenty of photos of huge deer (which I have), with assorted other wild critters making periodic appearances.

The “other wild critters” category has been a busy one of late, with several readers pitching in with photos of animals we simply don’t have here in Maine. Among those: Wild hogs.

Since I’m always willing to go with the flow when it comes to things like this, I’ve decided to share another wild hog photo, since, you know, people really love these tasty (and destructive) swine.

Today’s offering comes from Raymond Baird of the Lone Star State, with a photo of a very busy feeder. You might say he’s got a pig pile on his hands.

“Here is an old pic from one of our feeders on our lease near Moran, Texas. We have a lot of hogs that run between the feeders on several low fence ranches,” Baird said. “Not uncommon to see 20 to 40 in a group. Sows can have 2 litters a year.”

And Baird seconds the opinions of other hog hunters, saying that the meat makes fine table fare.

“We harvest several during the year for sausage, tamales, meatballs and utilize the

shoulders and hams for slow-smoked pulled pork,” he said.

Sounds delicious to me. It must be time for lunch.

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John Holyoke

John Holyoke

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