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The difference in candidates

It is interesting to note how different candidates react to the vicissitudes of the state by state voting process. On the one hand we have a man who plays by the rules implicit in a free and ordered elective process.

On the other hand, we have a man who, when the vicissitudes turn against him, cries foul, and wants the ballot counting to stop, while the lout is still ahead. Furthermore, which party immediately filed suits to delay the process, obfuscate the finding by ballot count and create chaos out of order?

When I was a child, and the count went against me, was I not taught by the rules of honorable conduct, to accept with equanimity the result yea or nay? I was so taught. Apparently, President Donald Trump was taught to whine, cry foul, throw a tantrum until he had his way. In the real world, he is unlikely to prevail.

Up here in The County, we had some well-meaning louts tearing out the Biden posters ensconced on the landscape. This is their way of denying the right of every freeborn American to make his partisanship known. The police were called to stop the stupidity, but the clear message remains.

In Sherman, I put up several signs (Dump Trump and the like) and they were promptly torn down. Of course, no man was there to defend my rights but the right still remains, here in my pen and there in your paper.

In this election is illustrated a bully and in his followers a reflection of his bullying ways.

Frederick Mendel


Thankful for Mills

Maine Gov. Janet Mills helped keep Maine’s COVID infection and death rates some of the lowest in the nation. That was before President Donald Trump brought his super-spreader campaign events to Maine. Mills personally asked Trump not to come. He came. The virus is now spreading rapidly!

Mills resisted when Republicans in the Legislature irresponsibly attacked her for not opening up too soon, like many of the Republican states that opened too early and that are now exceeding their medical capabilities. I believe Republicans in the Legislature who refused to stand against Trump bringing his unsafe events to Maine should be disqualified from any further public service.

Mills is a hero and has earned a big “thank you!” from all of us. I believe she saved more small business owners’ lives, and their customers’ lives, than Republican governors.

Bob Jean


Public power better for Maine

Fred Bever’s recent story about how Maine’s solar boom is a classic climate mistake discusses the unintended consequences of increasing solar power in our state and frames it as a problem for the power utilities and consumers. It seems the power companies plan to use this surge in renewables as an excuse to raise rates for consumers.

This would not be an issue if the utilities were owned by the state and run by and for Mainers instead of foreign profit-seeking entities. Last year, Democratic Rep. Seth Berry of Bowdoinham proposed LD 1646, a bipartisan bill for a Maine Power Delivery Authority — i.e. buy out our two big power companies. It’s similar to Nebraska’s Public Power District.

Power companies provide a basic need, which will only become more important as the state transitions to electric cars and heat pumps, etc. Ask the people of Houlton who have a municipally owned power and water company, where the costs are 35 percent lower than the average for Maine. A publicly owned utility will be more resilient to economic ups and downs because it’s not required to turn a profit. It’s better for Maine.

Haydee Foreman

Blue Hill