August 20, 2019
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Saturday, August 10, 2019: Words to live by, enough concert noise, when will we act?

Enough concert noise

With regard to a recent letter about the concert noise, I too believe there is a “silent majority” out there. I would go even further to support a referendum to eliminate the concerts completely. I live two miles away and the noise is disturbing and disruptive. At the least, the city could put the concerts in an indoor venue.

After all our tax dollars went to create that beautiful riverwalk, the whole scene is destroyed by the monstrosity of that stage and the fencing around it. Like the writer of the other letter, I too find that complaining to the police and to city officials has accomplished nothing.

Brian Striar

Words to live by

Did you ever stop and think how much better life would be for everyone if we all followed the “golden rule” — to treat others as you want to be treated?

Instead, we have people that think life is all about them — ”me, myself and I.”

Could this be the reason we have so many couples that don’t honor their marriage vows?

The Bible suggests that “women came out of a man’s rib, not from his feet to be walked on … not from his head to be superior but from the side to be equal.” We should try to live by these words, and not forget to take our family to church each Sunday.

Joe Riitano

Black bear research

For readers interested in the black bear science literature, you can find the writings of Dr. Lynn Rogers of Ely, Minnesota. He has published some of the most science on this topic in the world: and are excellent resources and for those who want to visit his field study site. There are four day intensives every summer where you live with a host of black bears and learn from Rogers. A life changing experience. And, ironically, possibly the safest place in America right now.

Bruce Lackie

The smell of smoke

For years now when I have gone to my doctor’s office, I see the signs asking patients to not wear perfume or cologne along with an explanation as to why: potential allergic reactions by patients and staff. At the same time, I am often sitting next to someone who smells of stale cigarette smoke. I then have my own allergic reaction, which is a headache. In addition, the smell transfers to my clothing. If I’m wearing a suit, I have to have it dry cleaned.

Apparently, I and many others don’t matter all that much. We can’t offend the smokers now can we? What would the leaders at our local hospitals say to me?

David Winslow

When will we act?

At least 31 more dead in Texas and Ohio. Does that shock you? No, this is the new America. Twelve people were killed in Virginia Beach only two months ago. I thought Newtown would have woken us up. If watching babies murdered doesn’t move you to do something, what will?

Newtown, Virginia Tech, Virginia Beach, Las Vegas, Orlando, Pennsylvania, California, New Jersey, Louisiana, Wisconsin. If you can stomach it, Google American mass killings and see for yourself the direction we are headed in. It’s horrible! Churches, night clubs, movie houses, stores and of course, schools. This can happen anywhere, anytime.

Earlier this week, on former Republican staffer Nicole Wallace’s MSNBC show, retired Florida Congressman David Jolly explained why he left the party he loved, and said that as long as Republicans control the Senate, nothing will change, and he can’t live with that. Only we can fix this.

Doug Davis


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