John Wayne Strawser Jr., 41, of Terra Alta, West Virginia. Credit: Pennsylvania State Police

A Pennsylvania couple told a court on Wednesday that they believe a West Virginia man was looking for them the night five years ago when a Maine man was shot to death along Interstate 80.

The Chambersburg Public Opinion reports that Jamie and Courtney Breese of Waynesboro said they had a volatile encounter with John Wayne Strawser Jr., 41, the night leading up to 28-year-old Timothy Davison’s death and drove a silver SUV similar to his Mitsubishi Montero.

Courtney Breese told the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas that she grew up in the same West Virginia town as Strawser and carried on an affair with him after they reconnected on Facebook, the Public Opinion reports. She later broke off that relationship.

She testified, according to the Herald-Mail Media, that the night of Davison’s shooting, she and her husband, Jamie, were returning home after visiting a nightclub in Bunker Hill, West Virginia, when Strawer began texting and calling her.

When Jamie Breese took the phone, Strawser allegedly threatened to kill him, Jamie Breese testified, according to the Public Opinion.

“I didn’t feel threatened because I’ve heard him mouth off so many times,” he told the court. “I told him ‘If you’re man enough to do it, then come and do it.’”

[‘This guy is firing shots at me,’ Maine man told dispatcher before his death on a Pennsylvania highway 5 years ago]

Davison of Poland was driving from Florida to Maine in the early morning hours of Jan. 2, 2014, when he called 911 to report that a dark-colored Ford Ranger was chasing him from Maryland into Pennsylvania.

In the 911 call played in court on Monday, Davison told the dispatcher that “This guy is firing shots at me.”

The 911 call also contained what prosecutors said were Davison’s last words after his silver Montero was forced off I-80 into the median: “He’s f—-ing here.”

Davison was shot multiple times — including in the left hand, right foot and head — with a .44-caliber gun and died later at a local hospital.

Pennsylvania State Police investigators said Tuesday that they received 671 tips in the months following Davison’s killing, and had investigated at least three alternate suspects. It wasn’t until the Breeses came forward in 2015 that investigators put together enough to charge Strawser of Terra Alta, West Virginia, with first-degree murder in September 2015. He has pleaded not guilty.

The Public Opinion reports that the couple came forward only after Strawser shot to death his girlfriend, 38-year-old Amy Lou Buckingham, in the driveway of her Tunnelton, West Virginia, home on April 15, 2015. Strawser was sentenced to life in prison in August 2016 for her killing.

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District Attorney Matt Fogal and defense attorney George Accardi both questioned Jamie Breese on Wednesday about a lawsuit the Breeses filed against Davison’s family for reward money for providing the tip that led to Strawser’s arrest, the Public Opinion reports.

Breese refused to comment on the lawsuit, claiming a gag rule prevented him from doing so, but denied that money was the reason they came forward, according to the newspaper.

“I just was trying to do the right thing,” he said.

Under cross-examination by the defense, Courtney Breese admitted that she rarely drove the couple’s silver Honda Pilot to West Virginia, but drove her blue Honda Civic, the Public Opinion reports. Police believe Strawer mistook Davison’s silver Montero for their Honda Civic.

On Wednesday, former neighbors of Strawser testified that he used spray paint to change the color of his Ford Ranger from blue to black, painted green stripes on its sides and added LED lights underneath it following Davison’s death, the Herald-Mail Media reports.

“He said he wanted to upgrade it so it didn’t look like anyone else’s,” Florence Miller told the court.

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