Create a Backyard Oasis

By Sarah Cottrell As spring and summer inch closer during this pandemic, many Mainers are planning yet another set of warm months at home. But after a long winter, who wants to stay inside? The good news is that now is a great time to make some outdoor home improvements to help turn your backyard […]

Spring Outdoors & Adventure

Business Survival Skills

By Crystal Sands Maine is a state known for its natural beauty and outdoor recreation, but when Covid-19 led to a shutdown of most indoor activities, Mainers and Maine visitors turned to outdoor activities more than ever. Thanks to quick pivots to adjust to new safety guidelines, many Maine companies and organizations that focus on […]

Let’s Ride!

By Josh Deakin Mainers love their big, outdoor toys. When the white stuff stops falling and the snowmobile trails start turning green, we know there’s still more fun to be had. That’s when outdoor adventure seekers get out their ATVs. ATVs utilize a lot of the same land as snowmobiling, with a few exceptions. Here […]

For a Spring Getaway, Head North

Courtesy of Aroostook County Tourism A great catch no matter the season. From lakes, streams, and everything in between – fishing in Aroostook County is where legends get their stories. The County’s long winters makes remote lakes and ponds more accessible as sportsmen can snowmobile to coveted fishing holes for late season ice fishing. The […]


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Discover: Katahdin Region

A Creative Boost for the Katahdin Region

By Josh Deakin Ktaadn Arts has grown significantly since their early beginnings in 2019. The organization had to regroup quickly after realizing that their initial plans would require too great a deal of time, money and manpower to open their doors. The group bounced back, finding a space in the basement of DesignLab in downtown […]

6 Things To Do in the Katahdin Region

By Josh Deakin The Katahdin Region is known for its nature-fueled economy. Attractions blanket the area for outdoorsmen. The sights alone on the roads leading to the area can be breathtaking, especially when a view of the snow-capped Katahdin pokes through the trees. The majestic structure of the mountain is enough to take your breath […]

The Future of the Katahdin Region’s Economy

By Katie Smith From mill closures to the pandemic, economic stressors have forced the Katahdin region to get creative in its efforts to rebuild and redefine itself, coming up with new ways to keep and attract people and businesses to the area. However, it’s a slow burn that doesn’t happen overnight. “Industrial redevelopment takes time, […]

Maine: A place of Business

How Maine Businesses Have Adapted to Keep Going

By Josh Deakin In the last year, businesses have adapted and readapted to stay up-to-date with ever-changing rules and precautions to slow the spread of COVID-19.  Restaurants in particular have kept on their toes, many evolving from primarily dine-in business to order ahead/pick up outside and adding outdoor seating for all types of weather. The […]

Riding the Wave of the Pandemic

By Wanda Curtis As the New Year unfolds, many are wondering what the future holds for Maine’s business community. President/CEO of Eastern Maine Development Corporation Lee Umphrey said the general health of Maine’s businesses during the current pandemic is uncertain. The prognosis, he said, depends upon successfully curtailing the pandemic and ensuring the continuation of […]

A Long Tradition of Skiing in Hermon

By Josh Deakin Hermon Mountain has offered local skiing adventures to the greater Bangor community since the 1960s, when it was first opened by Barbara and Elbert Jackson and their son Bernie. It began as a family business and continues to be family-run today.  The mountain was once used for wood cutting and the Jackson […]

Kitchen Favorites Made Right in Hermon

By Sarah Cottrell Maine has a long history of plucky inventors. When times get tough, Mainers don’t give up, and out of that resolve has come many famous solutions. Take for instance, Bakewell Cream. During WWII there was a cream of tartar shortage so an industrious Bangor-based chemist, Byron H. Smith, figured out that if […]

Hermon is bustling with new and expanding businesses

Who doesn’t want to close (and lock) the door on 2020 and open a new one to 2021? Creating new doors to walk through and windows with unforgettable views is a specialty for Mathews Brothers. The Belfast-based company expanded its business to Hermon two years ago, completely transforming a cold storage warehouse on Logistics Lane […]

Celebrations & Observances

Happy Tails and Pawsitive News from BHS

It’s not uncommon to search or share funny and adorable animal videos for an instant pick-me-up. Knowing how much joy these cats and pups bring, may be the reason why 2020 was still filled with heartwarming pet-adoption stories, despite the pandemic. “Covid has caused some animals to be with us for a little longer due […]

Delivering Maine Holiday Spirit Across the Country

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. The holidays are here and decorations are out in abundance. Houses are strapped with lights and various blowup characters accent lawns. Freshly cut Christmas trees decorate many picture windows across the state, hung with handmade and finely crafted ornaments to provide an elegance as well as a […]

Finding the Silver Lining of COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic changed life and work as we know it in Maine and around the world. For some, the shutdown we experienced in order to flatten the curve, was just the catalyst they needed to take a long, hard look at where they were personally and professionally and make a change once and for […]


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Preventing Ice Build Up

By Josh Deakin Winter time in Maine can be a beautiful time of year. The snow hangs on surrounding trees with such grace it at times appears to defy gravity itself. Unfortunately, winter also brings a variety of potential problems for homeowners. One particularly pesky and persistent problem that comes with cold weather is snow […]

13 Ways to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

By Janelle Dianne Jundt It has never been more important to take care of our planet and find ways to save money. As we try to navigate new normals, a struggling economy, and an uncertain climate, reducing our  utility bills and carbon footprint can help bring a feeling of accomplishment and security in a difficult […]

5 Common Household Problems – And How to Fix Them

By Josh Deakin Purchasing your first home is an exciting investment that can also seem overwhelming. If something needs to be repaired, there isn’t a landlord to call. Keeping this in mind, it can be fun to work on your own home. Here are a few common problems — and simple solutions — to keep […]


Intro To Investing

Understanding money, and ways to make it grow, is essential if we want to take charge of our finances and have security down the road. If you are feeling overwhelmed when it comes to investing your money, you aren’t alone. Getting started can make you feel confused, especially if you have zero experience when it […]

Finances in the Time of Covid

By Josh Deakin Over the last six months, the growing pandemic has given rise to many financial-related stressors that we haven’t had to think about before. Financial burdens during this time can be quite taxing and can give way to panic quickly. It’s invaluable in recent times to take a step back and evaluate problems […]

Reckoning with Retirement

Most Americans leave the workforce and embrace retirement around the age of 65 or sooner, according to U.S. Census Bureau data. Yet the fallout from COVID 19 has left some with little choice but to leave the workplace and enter retirement prematurely. The reasons are many — concern over your personal health in returning to […]