A chalk message encouraging Sen. Susan Collins to vote for the Women's Health Protection Act that was left on the sidewalk outside her Bangor home was not visible two days after she reported it to police on May 7, 2022. Credit: Lia Russell

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It’s ironic that on the opposite side of the page in the BDN containing the story about Sen. Susan Collins complaining about “the defacement of public property in front of our home” (a politely worded, chalk drawn protest) was a photo of “colorful chalk drawings on the Brewer Riverwalk in April 2020.” Did our apparently thin-skinned senator report those drawings as well? Did she demand they be removed?

I walk frequently in the senator’s neighborhood. The other day I noticed a child’s (presumably) hopscotch squares drawn in chalk on a sidewalk on Cedar Street near its intersection with Hammond Street. Has the senator reported that defacement to the police? Has she demanded the expenditure of taxpayer dollars to eradicate it? Is the senator opposed to all chalk defacement of public property or only that which represents an exercise of free speech on an issue on which she has the privilege of casting a vote? Is she preparing to submit legislation to ban chalk writing on all public sidewalks?

Duane Violette