Betsy and Marty Clark have seen several owls over the years on their 20-acre property in Old Town.

Last spring, they were visited by a friendly barred owl that, rather than keep its distance, instead appeared intent on making closer contact.

This owl first appeared in a tree, where it was spotted through a window by Marty Clark, the longtime teacher who is familiar to Maine sports fans as the former boys basketball coach at Old Town High School.

This owl appeared to be waiting for an invitation into the home of Marty and Betsy Clark of Old Town last spring. The bird went so far as to perch on their deck and look in their living room window. Credit: Courtesy of Betsy Clark

“Marty was upstairs and looked out the window and yelled for me to come up and take a photo,” Betsy Clark said. “The owl was not afraid in any way as we snapped photos.”

Not only was it not afraid, the owl hung around the house.

“We thought he left and then suddenly he appeared downstairs on our deck looking in our living room window. It was definitely spooky but cool,” Betsy said.

She said the owl went from window to window all day, almost as though it was “hunting” the couple.

“Not sure what he was hoping for … maybe an invite in?” Betsy wondered.

Many thanks to Betsy Clark for sending along the photo of this beautiful barred owl!

Keep an eye out for the upcoming offering from BDN Outdoors contributor Bob Duchesne, whose “Good Birding” column will be about Maine owls.

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