Signs protesting the CMP corridor are seen in a Jackman lawn in this May 29, 2020, file photo. Credit: Natalie Williams / BDN

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I’m voting “yes” on Question 1 to keep the Central Maine Power corridor from being built, despite the fact that hydro-electric power is clean energy. Climate change is real. And we should reduce carbon emissions. But not by continually accommodating growth.

What’s driving the climate disaster is our addiction to economic growth, and our myopic conviction that all problems can be solved with more and more economic growth. Until Congress stops forcing population growth policies we never asked for, I will vote against any infrastructure project that fosters economic growth.  

If we build the CMP corridor to accommodate economic growth in Massachusetts today, what do we do in two decades? Another corridor? The U.S. Census Bureau projects we will add  79 million Americans by 2060. We are incessantly flogged by the demand for more growth. Let’s pause and do a little long-term thinking.  

Look at the mess the growth addiction has made in California: Ten-lane freeways, bumper-to-bumper traffic,  astronomical housing costs, high taxes, falling water tables and an exploding homeless population, despite their “green” politics.

Does Massachusetts need more shopping malls, more roads, more houses, more farmland covered in cement? Should Maine enable their economic growth? Californians are pouring out of California. They vote with their feet.

Let’s be more sensible than the West Coast, force our politicians to come out of their growth addiction bubble and think long term. And by the way, wages are going up in response to labor shortages, not because of economic growth.

Jonette Christian


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