Bangor City Hall is seen in this June 22, 2017, file photo. Credit: Ashley L. Conti / BDN

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Bangor is an amazing, thriving community because of people like Dina Yacoubagha.

Yacoubagha has invested in Bangor for more than 15 years, working to make sure our community takes care of those who need it most. She has used her Masters in Social Work from the University of Maine and her extensive experience in service to our community with several critical area non-profits from Food AND Medicine, to Partners for Peace, the Olympia Snowe Institute and the Maine Immigrants Rights Coalition.

Her service as the chair of Bangor’s new and critical Advisory Committee on Racial Equity, Social Justice, and Human Rights has demonstrated her ability to help lead Bangor in a new era of growth and success for all Mainers. She has the training, skills, experience and community-focus to help us address our collective and integrated problems of poverty, unemployment, housing, transportation, infrastructure, racism and others we’ll face together.

With Yacobagha’s leadership Bangor can continue to thrive and all of us, even those who are most marginalized in our society, can thrive together. Join us in voting for Yacobagha for Bangor City Council for an inclusive, welcoming and successful Bangor for everyone.

Jordan LaBouff


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