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Great Danby cartoon

Thank you George Danby for the editorial cartoon on Sept. 1 showing a thermometer reading about 100 degrees with the words “climate action now“ written at the top. I clipped out the cartoon and sent it to Sen. Susan Collins with a note asking her to support a price on carbon.

The Citizens’ Climate Lobby has a plan to put a price on carbon fuels at their source and return that money to American taxpayers. I just read that James K. Boyce, professor emeritus of economics at the University of Massachusetts, has endorsed such a plan.

David Dietrich

Blue Hill

COVID-19 brainwashing

Brainwashing about COVID-19 is spreading nationally. For example: One, outright lies about the virus and the vaccinations. Two, misinformation about COVID-19 science resulting in deadly consequences. Three, political idolatry and pandering to false ideas of freedom. Four, a rise of politicians and TV personalities trading our health for their own questionable political gain or ratings.

All of the above is alarming and dangerous, especially during a pandemic. We are in a struggle against this virus and time is running out. Nationally, with barely 65 percent of adults fully vaccinated, the delta variant is spreading wildly in the unvaccinated population. Our opportunities to bring this disease under control may be closing the longer the numbers work against us.

Until the nation reaches the necessary percentage of vaccinated population, there is a

danger of more deadly mutations forming. However, we can put a stop to its actions.

People should talk to their doctor, and listen to what the doctor tells them. That is the medically trained person qualified to answer their questions that they can trust and believe. They should pass along this information to their family and friends here and in other states, especially those hardest hit with the Delta mutation.

We can control this if we are willing. However, for the unvaccinated persons, waiting a few years is not really a good option. Nearly all of U.S. Covid deaths this summer are from the unvaccinated population. This is tragic.

Suzanna Myers

Old Town

Still fighting COVID-19

Some compare battling COVID to fighting a war, yet it’s unlike any other war. The enemy is not easily seen — it is invisible. We are fighting this enemy here on U.S. soil, in every state and neighborhood. It is deadly, causing more American deaths than in World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam and Afghanistan combined.

COVID is a smart enemy, constantly adapting to new environments. All viruses do this when allowed to continue. It targets the most vulnerable, first our grandparents then our children. A war on COVID is a biological war, thus strategies to defeat it must be science based. The usual rules of warfare do not apply. Scientists, not generals or politicians, are in the best position to keep us safe.

While we endlessly argue about political platforms, the Constitution and individual rights, COVID is multiplying, filling hospitals to near capacity and  infecting our children. We have very few weapons available — masks, vaccinations, and distancing, but no one thing is 100 percent effective. We must use them all. We citizens are the real soldiers in this war, but we are failing to keep our country safe. As a result, federal, state and local laws and mandates have become prevalent.

After natural disasters, we come together to support each other locally and nationally. We must do the same now. As individuals, we must take an active role in defeating COVID for ourselves, our families, our neighbors. Mask up, vax up, keep your distance. Let’s make America healthy again.

Beth Woodson