BDN Homestead writer Sam Schipani prepares summer tomatoes in her kitchen in August, 2020. Credit: Natalie Williams / BDN

Summer is winding down, which means that it is almost that time of year when tomatoes are ripe and plentiful. After you’ve exhausted your usual recipes for fresh tomatoes (caprese salad, anyone?) though, those extra tomatoes can seem more of a burden than a blessing.

Fortunately, there’s many ways to use fresh tomatoes.

From salads to pies, tomatoes are an incredibly versatile ingredient. Here are 10 recipes that use tomatoes that will use up your harvest and bring a new brightness to your kitchen.

Roasted root vegetable pasta with tomatoes

Roasted root vegetable pasta with tomatoes and beans. Credit: Sarah Walker Caron/BDN

Protein-filled, creamy cannellini beans transform this pasta dish into something hearty and substantial, but it’s the tomatoes that bring the flavor and acidity that balances the whole thing out. This recipe for roasted root vegetable pasta with tomatoes combines root vegetables — carrots, parsnips and shallots — with tomatoes and beans for a delicate but filling dish perfect for lunches, dinners and so much more.

Sausage, tomato and cheese kabobs

With a lean protein, antioxidant-rich tomatoes and a touch of cheese, these sausage, tomato and cheese kabobs are a nontraditional take on kabobs that can be enjoyed hot or cold. They are especially great, easy-to-pack lunches for kids as they get ready to head back to school.

Fresh tomato pizza

Fresh tomato pizza. Credit: Sarah Walker Caron/BDN Credit: Sarah Walker Caron / BDN

You can use whatever fresh tomatoes you have — heirloom slicers, cherry tomatoes or plum tomatoes — for this fresh tomato pizza. Creamy mozzarella pairs deliciously with parmesan, which lends a complexity to the flavor and texture of the pie. A little seasoning — salt, pepper, garlic powder and oregano — round out the flavors for a truly delicious dinner that is fun to make and lets the tomatoes truly shine.

Tomato cheese pie

This recipe for tomato cheese pie is especially good for the less-juicy tomatoes in your bushel. If you have any conceptual reservations about tomato cheese pie, just think of it as a perfect marriage between pizza and quiche, delicious at any time of the day or night.

Tomato and brie pasta with fresh basil

Tomato brie pasta with fresh basil. Credit: Sarah Walker Caron/BDN

In this pasta, the cheese melts into the tomatoes making a creamy, heavenly sauce that coats pasta so well. Make this tomato and brie pasta with fresh basil with the freshest, sweetest tomatoes you can find and dig in at your next cookout or family dinner.

Green and red tomato salsa

Don’t stress out if your tomatoes are still green. In this recipe for green and red tomato salsa, the ripe tomatoes are outnumbered two to one by the green, perfect for Maine where gardeners often have green tomatoes still on the vine when the first frost rolls around.

Red sauce

Red Sauce from red stuff is Sandy Oliver’s method of cleaning out the fridge. Credit: Sandy Oliver/Taste Buds

Making a big batch of tomato sauce is a wonderful way to preserve your tomatoes, as it is easy to freeze and thaw to use long after the season is done. This recipe for red sauce is a great jumping-off point to make a scrumptious sauce out of whatever you have in the refrigerator.

Chili sauce

This chili sauce has a rich sweet-and-sour flavor and will brighten up all kinds of dishes, like beef, chicken and scrambled eggs. Think of it like a spicy ketchup, with tomatoes and peppers coming together for a delicious melange of flavors. It is also easy enough to can and store it to use all year long.

Tomato and spring onion baked egg

Tomato and Spring onion baked egg for one. Credit: Sarah Walker Caron/BDN

This is truly the breakfast of champions. Vibrant, fresh tomatoes are mixed with sweet spring onions, piquant garlic, extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper and baked until it begins to soften. Then, halfway through, add an egg and a sprinkle of parmesan to finish it off. This recipe for tomato and spring onion baked egg is best when the white is set, but the yolk is runny enough to mix with the warm, seasoned tomatoes.

Tomato and corn salad

Corn and tomatoes are ready to harvest around the same time, and this tomato and corn salad is arguably the best way to take advantage of those scrumptious summer flavors. The lime juice adds its own special flavor though you probably could get away with lemon juice if you prefer.

There is nothing like the taste of a home-grown tomato. Even if you have more tomatoes than you can handle, these recipes will help you to make sure that no tomatoes go to waste in your garden.