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Thanks from Maine loggers

Thanks to the hard work of Sen. Susan Collins and Rep. Jared Golden, Maine loggers finally have access to $200 million in COVID relief funds promised to them seven months ago. This aid designated specifically for their industry is a historic first for timber harvesters and haulers.

Although the Loggers Relief Act, authored by Collins and Golden, was signed into law last December, it took their persistent leadership to finally make these critical funds available to timber harvesting and hauling businesses that experienced a 10 percent or greater loss in revenue last year due to the pandemic.

For years, Maine’s logging industry has faced significant challenges. Mills have closed, the global economy has changed, and just last spring the Androscoggin Mill in Jay experienced a devastating digester explosion that sent shockwaves throughout the supply chain. Then COVID hit, compounding the challenges faced by the industry, and creating a perfect storm.

Until now, specific federal relief for the logging industry has never been provided at any point in our nation’s history — which is why we, the Professional Logging Contractors of Maine, want to thank Collins and Golden for leading the effort to secure this aid on behalf of hard-working small family businesses in the industry here in Maine.

This aid is necessary to help the logging industry recover from this pandemic. We are so fortunate to have leaders in Washington who have made the needs of our heritage industry a top priority during this trying time.

Dana Doran

Executive Director

Professional Logging Contractors of Maine


What is happening to America

What is happening to our beloved America? Up is down, right is wrong, criminals idolized, police officers demonized. History erased, children brainwashed, and politicians caring more about their own power than the people they represent.

It’s time to say no to all this nonsense and take our America back. Cancelled culture is cancelling this nation. Let’s stand together and get involved. People should support their local police officers and law enforcement, and let them know they care. They should contact their representatives and make their voice heard.

I believe we are in a very dangerous place today and a breath away from losing it all.

Tonia Gilkey


The most important issue of our time

The Los Angeles Times editorial in the July 26 print edition of the BDN asks “Why are the world’s developed countries still slow-walking efforts to wean their economies off fossil fuels and slash the greenhouse gases responsible for climate change?” We know the reasons: many have profited from the continued burning of fossil fuels and it has been convenient for the rest of us to use them. But more important at this moment is that there is a real chance to turn this around.

In the next few weeks Congress can pass legislation that includes effective, fair realistic climate action that will reduce emissions quickly, stimulate economic activity, accelerate the transition to renewable energy and provide benefits to help low and middle income people. We have heard time and again from our congressional representatives that they want to hear from constituents.

For anyone who wants to see action taken on climate, this is the time to contact Sens. Susan Collins and Angus King and let them know that you want climate action included in the budget reconciliation package. Citizens Climate Lobby volunteers in Maine and around the country are urging everyone who truly wants to support climate action to go to to make their voice heard on this, the most important issue of our time.

Bonnie Sammons


Citizens Climate Lobby