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Browntail treatment option

Regarding the browntail moth caterpillar hair malady. I recently heard from a friend about a legitimate treatment option for the infliction of the hairs on skin.

Use a piece of zip tape and apply it to the affected area and rip it off like a bandage. It is a very sticky tape (used in zip system construction in all kinds of weather) and can grab onto the hairs if they’re not embedded too far.

Be brave and try this. It’s not 100 percent, but any relief is good regarding this problem. People can buy it at any local building supply house that sells zip system sheathing.

Chris Ficker


Get rid of the filibuster

I encourage Sens. Susan Collins and Angus King to work to eliminate the filibuster. If ever we needed a perfect example of why it needs to go, look at the recent Senate vote on the bill to create an independent commission to review the insurrection on Jan. 6.

A bipartisan majority of senators voted to proceed with the commission (54 to 35). Nineteen more senators voted to advance the commission than to oppose it. Yet, because of the filibuster, the 35 senators who voted no on the commission won. Does this system of government work? I think not.

The House of Representatives voted for the Jan. 6 commission after approving Republican requests for equal representation from both parties and subpoena power. A completion date of Dec. 31 was also negotiated. Requests and demands by Republicans were approved by the Democrats and the House approved the bill. Yet the bill was defeated in the Senate.

Sen. Mitch McConnell reportedly asked his fellow Republican senators to do him a “favor” and vote against the commission. What about their commitment to the American people? Their commitment to law and order? Their commitment to the five people who were killed and the 100-plus officers who were injured that day?

If we are to move forward in this country on anything — voting rights, infrastructure, police reform — we must eliminate the filibuster now. Otherwise, I believe the Republicans will obstruct everything most Americans want in this country.

Mary Smith


Warden appreciation

I wish to commend and thank the Maine Warden Service for the many ways the state’s wardens aid and protect our wildlife and for how they assist and educate Mainers. I especially want to express my appreciation for our local warden, Eric Rudolph, for his compassion, dedication and amazing knowledge — he is all that a warden (and a person) should be.

In recent years, our family has had need of the warden for wildlife rescue and other issues, and Rudolph has responded to our requests quickly, kindly and professionally, always educating us in the process. We feel tremendous gratitude for him and immensely proud of our distinguished and dedicated Maine Warden Service.

Sara Hessler


Happy with my power bill

Mainers: I for one, am loving our Versant Power bills! Our last 12 month average is in the mid-$30s.

Please don’t mess with it!

Denise Birkel