Property to continue as working farmland

WASHINGTON, D.C. – American Farmland Trust American Farmland Trust announced today that philanthropist and financier Donald Sussman has donated the Turner Farm to the Trust. The 153-acre property, home to one of North Haven Island Maine’s largest farms in the 1800s, has been being restored since 2008 under Sussman’s ownership.

“We’re overwhelmed by Donald Sussman’s generosity,” said John Piotti, American Farmland Trust president and CEO. “Turner Farm is not only an incredibly beautiful place, but it is a vibrant farm that serves the local community and models some important agricultural practices. We are honored to take on responsibility for the future of this unique coastal farm.”

 In addition to its farming operation, Turner Farm is home to a significant archaeological dig that occurred in the 1970s, with artifacts dating back to different periods as far back as 5,000 years ago.  “Native people have been living on this piece of land long before European settlers arrived in Maine,” Piotti said. “The historical significance of this land is foremost in our minds as we plan for its future.”