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My vaccination experience

I was surprised to read the Feb. 2 letter from Donald Holmes commenting on easy access to an appointment through the Northern Light website. My experience has been quite different.

On Monday, Jan. 25 I tried repeatedly to access this site, from 2 p.m. onwards, with no success – presumably due to high volume. Eventually I got into the site at about 3:30 p.m. at which point the only available slots were in Presque Isle. I tried again on Monday, Feb. 1 with similar results. I was unable to gain access to the site until about 2.45 p.m. and the site then showed no availability.

I have also tried the phone line but gave up after 30 minutes on hold with no response. Access may be good in Blue Hill, but that has certainly not been my experience in the Bangor area.

Douglas Ruthven

Old Town

Mills doesn’t need to focus on raising money

The talking heads, Phil Harriman and Ethan Strimling, seem to have forgotten that Janet Mills declared for governor last time less than a year before the primary election. This time, she won’t likely have a primary and her favorability rating, I’m guessing, is pretty darn high, given the excellent job she has done managing the state during an historic pandemic.

I am glad she is focused on her job, and not on raising money for the next election, like too many in politics. Doing a good job managing the state during a pandemic is the best thing she can do for Mainers. She doesn’t need to raise any money right now to garner the votes of many who are grateful for her leadership. I suspect she can wait well into this year before starting her campaign, and she will still beat the Republican handily.

Mary Ann Lynch

Cape Elizabeth

The representation we need

When Donald Trump was elected, I wrote an opinion piece saying he had no political experience, no domestic experience, no foreign policy experience, no military experience, no personality. I voiced an optimism that maybe I was wrong and hoped that I was.

Well I wasn’t, on all points. The last four years have been a total disaster except for big business, which got richer while poverty got worse, like it was a plan or something.

Meanwhile, our leadership in Congress is getting worse with every election. It’s like the people that are in office are there to enrich themselves and get re-elected. Big money, big business, big oil, big pharmaceutical seem to be in control.

Sad, so sad. When we have to pick the lesser of the two evils and not the better of the two candidates.

We need term limits, for the right reasons, and people who we can trust and respect to manage our country. People should please use their heads when they vote and not party affiliation to do the right job.

We are still a great country. Let’s get our head out of the sand and prove it. America the beautiful. The Stars and Stripes are still the best.

Gary King