Please join Maine Technology Users Group from 11 a.m. to noon on Wednesday, Sept. 30 for one of our top workshop proposals of the 2020 Season: “HACK the SHIP: An overview of Shipboard ICS Cybersecurity, or the Security, Functionality, Usability Triangle Gone Wrong.” his event has been generally cosponsored by Pierce Atwood and Thomas College.

In this session, presenter Joshua Moss explores the lack of applied security across the Maritime Transportation System (MTS). Merchant shipping is especially vulnerable due to the insecure protocols used in the Industrial Control Systems (ICS) aboard large merchant ships. Moss walks users through the network layout of a merchant ship, and discusses how a malicious attacker can take control of ships similar to the large, liquid natural gas, and bulk carriers that come to port here in Portland. The lack of “baked in” security is then used as an analogy and a reminder to Maine technology users to have foresight when designing processes and technologies, and ensure that security is always a thought, not an afterthought.

Participants will be exposed to a common security situation that is typical for naval systems, industrial controls systems and other infrastructure that is often considered beyond the reach of cyber-attack but is not. Co-collaborator in this session, Jockel Carter, will represent the layman’s voice, assisting in clarifying concepts and questions to key sections of Moss’ presentation, and how similar issues impact a variety of environments.