A pedestrian hops over a puddle at the corner of College and Bates Streets in Lewiston in this 2019 file photo. Credit: Russ Dillingham / Sun Journal via AP

Scattered showers that spread across Maine overnight helped relieve drought conditions in some areas, but not all, weather forecasters said.

Margaret Curtis of the National Weather Service in Gray said southwest parts of the state remain the driest. In the Portland area, rainfall remains four inches below what’s considered normal for this time of the year, Curtis said. But some of Maine’s driest areas received substantial relief overnight.

“The good news is that there’s at least a small portion of that that did receive the highest rainfall — this morning we did have radar estimating as much as four inches may have fallen,” Curtis said. “However, that’s in an area, say, the size of maybe half a town or so, which still leaves large swaths of the state in need of more rain.”

Some areas got little or no rain while others got more than expected, leading to flood warnings, Curtis said. She said rain is expected to continue off and on throughout the week.

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