The location of Rhumb Line in Camden. Credit: Courtesy of Google Maps

A waterfront restaurant in Camden was damaged over the weekend when a fire broke out in a kitchen late Saturday night, according to news reports.

Firefighters responded to the Rhumb Line restaurant just before midnight on Saturday, according to the Courier Gazette. Firefighters from multiple midcoast departments battled the blaze for four hours before it was extinguished.

Rhumb Line, which has a large outdoor space, is located in a series of attached buildings on the Lyman Morse pier. The fire broke out in an indoor kitchen prep and food storage area located in the back of the restaurant.

There was significant damage to the direct area where the fire occurred, as well as the restaurant’s small indoor seating area and office space. Smoke damage also affected a building that runs the length of the pier from the Lyman Morse boat builders office to Blue Barran Distillery.

Rhumb Line is temporarily closed following the fire, according to a post on the restaurant’s Facebook page.

Lyman Morse officials said the marina remains fully operational following the fire.