Nicholas Hoult and Elle Fanning star in "The Great" on Hulu Credit: Hulu

It’s time for another update on all the cool new stuff to watch on TV, be it a streaming platform or a cable network. This week, we’ve got two new sci-fi shows, a Parisian musical, a New England murder mystery, a historical comedy, a sensitive HBO drama and a fun new superhero series. Does any of that happen to appeal to you? Read on to see what to tune into through next week.

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“Solar Opposites” on Hulu

Love “Rick and Morty”? Series co-creator and voice of both characters, Justin Roiland, premieres his second animated series this Friday on Hulu: “Solar Opposites,” which presents a similarly warped, science-fiction view of modern society. The premise is that a family of aliens has taken refuge in Middle America — a premise seen in everything from “The Coneheads” to “3rd Rock From the Sun,” but likely not with someone like the nerdy, rapid-fire joke machine that is Roiland at the helm. It premieres Friday on Hulu.

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“The Eddy” on Netflix

From creator Jack Thorne and director Damien Chazelle — director of “La La Land” and “Whiplash” — comes this musical drama, set in a modern-day jazz club in Paris. With Andre Holland (“Castle Rock,” “Moonlight”) in the lead role, and famed music producer Glen Ballard writing all the songs, it’s a show for anyone that loves music, Paris and a sizzling, multi-lingual, multicultural cast. It premieres Friday on Netflix.

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“I Know This Much Is True” on HBO

Wally Lamb’s 1998 bestseller has been made into a six-part HBO miniseries, starring Mark Ruffalo in the lead roles of troubled twin brothers Dominick and Thomas Birdsey. If you’ve read the book, you know that it’s a tough story, dealing with mental illness, suicide, family secrets, divorce and general human trauma. If you love well-acted, sensitive, prestige cable dramas, however, this is the series for you. It starts Sunday on HBO.

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“The Great” on Hulu

From the screenwriter of “The Favourite” comes another satirical take on 18th-century royal drama — instead of Britain, however, this time it’s Russia. Charting the course of Catherine the Great’s rise from naive young woman to one of the greatest rulers the world has known, it stars Elle Fanning as the titular Catherine, and Nicholas Hoult as her ne’er do well husband, Emperor Peter III. It sounds like a fun, fictionalized take on a fascinating historical figure. “The Great” premieres May 15 on Hulu.

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“Hightown” on Starz

Set in a hot Provincetown summer, this murder mystery was filmed on Cape Cod last summer, and stars Monica Raymund as a hard-partying lesbian who finds herself dragged into the dangerous world of the Cape’s heroin epidemic. Though the setting is an idyllic, colorful beach town, the subject is anything but. It premieres May 17 on Starz.

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“Snowpiercer” on TNT

This series based on Academy Award-winning director Bong Joon-Ho’s dystopian science fiction film finally premieres on TNT on May 17, after a rather long road to airtime. Starring Jennifer Connelly and Daveed Diggs, it follows the same premise as the movie: after an apocalypse turns the Earth into a frozen wasteland, what’s left of humanity is trapped on a train that endlessly circles the globe, with people sorted into various classes.

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“Stargirl” on DC Universe/The CW

This cheerful, funny superhero series stars Brec Bassenger as Courtney Whitmire, a teenage girl who discovers an all-powerful staff and is transformed into Stargirl, one of the founders of the Justice Society of America. Need some fairly mindless TV fun? This is the show for you. It premieres on DC Universe on May 18, and on The CW on May 19.

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