Bond Mountain Acres Christmas tree farm in West Newfield, Maine. Credit: Veronica Dunnells | Maine Public

Maine Christmas tree farmers are expecting high demand this season, which could cause tree shortages in some areas.

Joanne Bond of the Maine Christmas Tree Association runs a cut-your-own tree farm with her husband in western Maine. She has seen the high interest first hand. They have already sold a number of trees even though Friday was the first official open day of the season.

Credit: Veronica Dunnells | Maine Public

Bond said tree growers cannot respond quickly to market fluctuations because it takes 8 to 10 years for trees to reach harvest size. A few years ago, Bond said, it looked like consumers were set to prefer artificial trees, so farmers planted fewer live ones. But a millennial preference for natural trees is squeezing the market.

Credit: Veronica Dunnells | Maine Public

“Same with food. They’re going for more natural food, less preservatives and that kind of stuff,” she said.

But she said consumers shouldn’t panic.

“You know, we have people that come here that want ‘Charlie Browns,’ you know? So, you know what I’m saying, I think everyone will get a tree,” she said.

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