February 25, 2020
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Tuesday, Nov. 26, 2019: Not receiving full Social Security, a motto for Washington, impeachable offenses

Not receiving my full Social Security

I am writing in support of bill H.R. 4540 to reform the Windfall Elimination Provision of Social Security. I worked as a nurse for more than 30 years, paying Social Security, of course, and ended my working days with eight years in public elementary school. Now I am not able to receive my full amount of Social Security. I am hoping our elected representatives can make this bill pass.

Linda Annis


A motto for Washington

Following is a proposed motto for all our elected folks in Washington: “We oughta, but we won’t.”

Charlie Cameron


Agent Orange research

How in the world could the military have approved or allowed the use of Agent Orange without intensive research about all the adverse human and animal damage?

Did it not occur to anyone that an agent that could kill trees would not eventually kill people and animals?

I imagine the long-term effects were not even considered, as it was during the war. How long will people, animals and the environment continue to be affected?

Before such a substance is used again, intensive research should be done and officials should think: would they want it used in your area?

Mary Stockley


Impeachable offenses

President Bill Clinton lied and covered up a sexual relationship with an intern.

A group of men linked to President Richard Nixon had Democratic headquarters burglarized to help his election, and with the help of his White House staff, Nixon lied to the American people and tried to cover it up.

President Donald Trump, enlisting the help of his White House staff, personal lawyer, ambassador to the European Union, secretary of state, attorney general, secretary of energy and others, asked a foreign government to investigate matters that could create negative publicity of his political opponent and promote debunked conspiracy theories that could deflect the findings of the Mueller report.

Both a meeting with Trump and hundreds of millions of dollars in aid were initially withheld from Ukraine, apparently dependent on these asks. This foreign government was Ukraine, a friend of the United States with hopes of aligning with Western countries and fighting Russia for their sovereignty. Lives were at stake and national security at risk.

A whistleblower’s report was initially buried by the Department of Justice. At the direction of Trump, White House staff and staff across his administration have refused to comply with U.S. House of Representative requests for documents and testimonies. In response to credible evidence by professional government employees, Trump, his administration and Republican legislators have flooded partisan venues with false information, debunked conspiracy theories and character smears.

There is no comparison. I believe Trump has committed impeachable offenses — bigly.

Nadi Bangerter



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