October 21, 2019
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Thursday, September 5, 2019: Worried about electric bikes on our hikes, NECEC clarifications, Trump and Collins

Worried about electric bikes on our hikes

I am a 73-year-old woman and I own and love an electric bike. I read with concern, however, about President Trump’s new administrative order which looks to open trails used by regular bikes to electric bikes in our National Parks and public lands.

Recently, my daughter and I and my 22-month-old granddaughter were enjoying a walk around Witch Hole Pond, a popular Carriage Road in Acadia National Park used by hikers and bikers alike. Less than a mile along our way, we found a dead little ring-necked snake run over by a bicycle. A short distance later, we found a dead red squirrel, also casualty of a bike strike, in the middle of the road. Most bikers are careful and watch for hikers, walkers and other critters. Some are not, using the serene roads of the park for speed trials.

My electric bike is capable of speeds over thirty miles per hour. Walking along a trail becomes a different, and possibly unsafe, experience if you are dodging fast moving traffic. I strongly oppose the President’s ill-considered order.

Patricia Ryan
Mount Desert

NECEC clarifications

I wanted to respond to a recently published letter about the New England Clean Energy Connect (NECEC) written by Urgel Pomerleau. Mr. Pomerleau has true passion for the direction of our state, but it is important to ensure Maine people understand the process in place to consider such a major climate change solution.

In his letter, Mr. Pomerleau states that every Maine taxpayer needs to come forward to vote on a referendum about the NECEC or other transmission lines, and that a ‘yes’ vote would outline the permit process that would allow Canadian green power to cross our state.

To be clear, CMP is strictly following the regulatory processes in place to consider such projects – permits are required from several state and federal regulatory agencies. Each of these agencies has public input or hearing processes for Maine people to contribute opinions.

Mr. Pomerleau goes on to state that a small percentage of the revenue generated by this line should go to Maine taxpayers. Mainers, however, are not paying a penny for the construction of this project…Massachusetts is.

This doesn’t mean Maine will not benefit from the project. It will create 1,600 jobs for Mainers during construction, property tax relief and stabilize energy prices for decades. This project will remove more than three million metric tons of carbon from our air annually. Across New England, that’s the equivalent of taking seven hundred thousand vehicles off the road each year.

We agree with Mr. Pomerleau. It is time for the people of Maine to know the truth about this project. Hopefully this has helped to better demonstrate the numerous benefits to Maine.

Doug A. Herling
President & CEO, Central Maine Power

Trump and Collins

Donald Trump is constantly eroding our vital democratic structures, whether it’s by taking children from their parents and putting them in cages, mistreating desperate refugees fleeing violence, ordering families with chronically sick children receiving treatment in our hospitals to unplug and go home, potentially sowing hatred against religious and ethnic groups, breaking hard-won treaties and offending our allies or praising our enemies. Congress must begin impeachment now!

This president is aided by Mitch McConnell and by the silent complicity of every Republican in Congress who does not speak out or stand up to him. Our own Sen. Susan Collins has not said or done enough.

It’s time that every Republican up for reelection in 2020 be replaced, including Sen. Collins. The best choice we have in Maine to replace her is a candidate who has pledged to end the corrupt influence of money in politics, to secure the health care everyone deserves, to transition to a clean, green economy, and to assure that women have control over their own bodies and reproduction. That choice is Betsy Sweet. She is the right person, right now, the one who can help us say, “Bye bye, Collins and Trump.”

Alan Parks
Bar Harbor



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