February 24, 2020
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Monday, July 22, 2019: Trump crossed a line, Mainers should vote on new vaccination law, moon landing historical context

Trump crossed a line

Maybe I’ve felt this way before, but President Trump’s recent behavior really has crossed some line within me.

Previously somehow I guess I gave him a weird benefit of doubt, but his recent, totally racist behavior has brought a lot of stuff into sharp focus. His racism is real, and it is vicious, and it seems intentional.

Henry Lanford


Mainers should vote on new vaccination law

The need to engage in our political process has never been more urgent. Mainers for Health and Parental Rights is a diverse group with political and religious interests across the spectrum. What unites us is the resolve to maintain our right to make medical decisions for ourselves and our families. As a result of the vaccination law signed by Gov. Janet Mills in May, thousands of Maine school-aged through college students could be discriminated against, segregated from their peers by being forcibly removed from school should they delay or opt out of even one vaccine.

Anyone who values the opportunity to have informed consent and decline even such routine vaccinations as a flu shot, should be concerned for the real and potential future implications of such a law. Throwing away our rights, in order to coerce 5 percent of the school-aged population to vaccinate following the exact Maine CDC schedule or be kicked out of school, is not what Maine is about.

For more information regarding how to sign the petition in order allow Mainers to vote on the law, visit www.veto798maine.com.

Aaron Hoshide


Mainers for Health and Parental Rights


EMMC in decline?

Are we watching the decline of a former great medical facility in Bangor? I have been a patient of Eastern Maine Medical Center for years through Internal Medicine on Husson Avenue. For the past few months, I have found it difficult to reach them by phone and seldom do they return calls when left on the answering system. Referrals almost never get completed to other departments or can take weeks to happen.

This is not the local medical facility that we grew up with. This a sad situation, which I blamed on gross mismanagement. The people of eastern Maine deserve better.

Nicholas Fox


Moon landing historical context

Print and broadcast media are overflowing this summer with stories about the first moon landing 50 years ago this week — and rightfully so. Neil Armstrong’s walk on the lunar surface represented, as he himself famously said, “one giant leap for mankind.”

But we should not let the glory of that “giant leap” obscure the historical context in which it occurred.

I was 20 years old in 1969 and, like many others across this nation and the world, vehemently opposed to the war in Vietnam. Many of us saw the moon landing as a deliberate attempt to distract attention from the killing fields, from the daily physical and mental mutilation caused by the ongoing war.

President John Kennedy had initiated the space race in 1961 to demonstrate to the world America’s technological mastery. President Lyndon Johnson used the war to show, in spite of all his social programs, how truly tough an anti-communist he was. And President Richard Nixon used the moon landing to respond to those who dared criticize his foreign policy. See, he seemed to say, we Americans truly are great. How then, O ye of little faith, can we be wrong in Vietnam?

Well, we were wrong in Vietnam, just as we were wrong in Iraq in 2003, and as we are wrong today on our southern border with Mexico. To paraphrase an old saying, those who forget when they do wrong may do wrong again.

William J. Murphy



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