Demonstrators line up in Waterville to support the Drag Queen Story Hour event being held at a children's bookstore there. Credit: CBS 13

WATERVILLE, Maine — A children’s bookstore hosted its first Drag Queen Story Hour Saturday, celebrating the start of Pride Month.

The event did spark some backlash, along with a response from supporters.

Across the street from Children’s Book Cellar, protesters spoke out against the event, saying the performers’ appearances were too sexually suggestive for children.

“I find it wrong and immoral to bring little kids and to bring them into such a situation where little kids are exposed to what is considered sexuality,” Josh Laury, one of the protest organizers, told the Morning Sentinel.

But protesters were outnumbered by more than 200 counter-protesters supporting the event.

Drag queens taking part in the reading said they have only good intentions.

“I don’t understand were it’s coming from,” Ophelia, a drag queen from Topsham, said. “I’m just here to have fun and have a good time. If you want to bring your kid along and she’s going to have a good time or he’s going to have a good time or they’re going to have a good time that’s all I’ll need at the end of the day.”

Supporters said the event, similar to other story hours held in Maine and across the country, celebrate diversity.

They said diversity is an inherent strength of our society.