September 22, 2019
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Wednesday, Feb. 6, 2019: Who foots the bill? New York abortion law is evil, support a carbon tax

Who foots the bill?

While Jackie Farwell’s Jan. 21 article was well written, it didn’t mention how Maine school systems usually have to pay for residential care placements for school-age children. If the child would’ve attended your school system, you’re responsible for paying the costs for special education. The only way I’m aware of that wouldn’t be the case is if the school system (referred to as the sending school) was a high receiver, meaning they get a high amount of funding from the state of Maine for their educational costs. Otherwise, the school system and local taxpayers foot the bill via property taxes.

Debora Riley


New York abortion law is evil

The Cuban Missile Crisis didn’t scare me as much as the law passed in New York, which I consider the blatant sanction of live-birth infanticide. There is nothing on Earth that will more than guarantee our destruction as a society. The seed of evil was planted with the infamous Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision and now that decision has blossomed into this horrific evil.

We as a humane society cannot remain silent on this, this is not who we are as a nation. If there are groups in the United States and individuals that sanction this then we are morally incumbent to separate ourselves from them and present as strong a protest as we can to disavow this from our society.

We are a nation of life that strives for the good and protection of all our people regardless of their ability to protect themselves. We as human beings owe this to society since we all were in this position after our births.

To compound this tragedy, there are by some estimates 2 million couples in the U.S. actively trying to adopt, and for each child that is up for adoption, 36 couples wait in line to adopt that child.

To the mother who is trying to decide if she is going to keep the baby or kill it, there is a decision that will be much better for her, for her child and the nation as a whole and adoption is that decision. Let us all pray for adoption.

Peter Pinette


Support a carbon tax

Enough of this polar vortex and other climate disruptions! We all want a world that is healthy for our grandchildren to grow up in. But how can we ever switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy in every part of our complicated economy and do it fast enough to protect the people we love? Our economy is huge, and most of it is powered by fossil fuels.

The only way to make this switch would be to invent some kind of affordable incentive so everyone in the country can save money by switching to renewable energy. And believe it or not, there is a bipartisan bill in Congress right now, HR 763, that would do that!

The oil company pays a fee for their product and the government gives all that money to every American, so we can afford the higher oil prices. This makes oil more expensive than renewable energy, so everyone saves money by switching to renewable energy. This is good for our economy, and our world and our grandchildren’s lives are protected!

Tell your federal representatives to do right by our children by voting for HR 763.

Richard Thomas


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