The Waterville Walmart is seen in a CBS 13 image. Police responded to reports Monday of a man loading his gun while entering the store, only to reportedly determine it was nothing dangerous. Credit: CBS 13

A man entering a Waterville Walmart Monday alarmed onlookers, who reported to police that he was loading a gun on his way in, the Morning Sentinel reported.

But after an investigation, police told the newspaper they determined the man was carrying a pellet gun, but he wasn’t loading it or acting in a threatening manner.

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“He said his pants had fallen down and he tried to re-secure it in his pants,” Sgt. Joshua Woods of the Waterville Police Department told the Morning Sentinel.

The initial report attracted cruisers with flashing blue lights to the Waterville Commons Drive box store late Monday morning, but police emerged from the business about a half hour later after finding the man in question and determining no laws had been broken, the newspaper reported.


Seth Koenig

Seth has nearly a decade of professional journalism experience and writes about the greater Portland region.