A cyclist was nearly attacked by a moose in Alaska, after the mother moose felt the cyclist was threatening her two calves.

A Facebook video, posted by Alaskan cyclist Troy Wouters, shows a mother moose and her two calves on a trail alongside Glenn Highway in Anchorage. As a cyclist approaches on the path, the larger moose charges at the cyclist. Later, a KTVA television news van pulls up into the trail space in an attempt to protect the downed cyclist, and the moose charges the news crew as well.

“I saw [the mama moose and her two newborns] when I was driving home,” Wouters explained to the Bangor Daily News about how he caught the action on camera. He then rode the 7 miles back to the scene, hoping to get a picture of the moose trio. Once on the scene, he ran into a KTVA news crew, also getting footage of the moose.

“[I] started taking video when I noticed a cyclist coming from the opposite direction as me. So I was video taping when that happened,” Wouters said. “At first I wanted to make sure the guy was OK. Then I rode back and yelled at the TV station to go help him.”

KTVA also captured video of the incident, and intervened to protect the cyclist from further attacks.

“I knew then the moose was attacking a rider, so I yelled at a photojournalist to drive down the ditch and onto the trail to get between the rider and the moose. So, that’s what we did,” KTVA’s Joe Virgil said in a story posted on the television station’s website.

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game later shut the trail down near the moose family, according to KTVA.

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