Beckett's Castle in Cape Elizabeth, as seen in approximately 1880. This is image No. 23290 in the Maine Memory Network. Credit: Maine Memory Network

An elaborate castle home on the coast of Maine with a reputation for being haunted is on the market for the first time in nearly 40 years.

It can be yours, just in time for Halloween, for $3.35 million.

The nearly 2,000-square-foot Beckett’s Castle in Cape Elizabeth — named after Sylvester Beckett, the eccentric writer and lawyer who built it in the mid- to late 1800s — has a 30-foot-tall tower, secret gardens, guest house and a personality the listing broker described as “magical.”

“It’s almost like a fantasy,” Tish Whipple, of Town and Shore Real Estate, told Mansion Global. “This castle in the woods.”

The owner since 1981, Nancy Harvey, has passed away and her family is selling the estate, Whipple told Mansion Global. Whipple said that Harvey restored and upgraded the castle home after it fell into disrepair under its previous owner, who she said was likely behind the stories of hauntings that have since become part of the property’s lore.

There are tales of the ghost of Beckett taking sheets off beds, opening doors and taking down paintings, according to Mansion Global, but Whipple said Harvey never witnessed anything like that, telling the website “if there is a spirit there, it’s benevolent.”

Adding to the supernatural intrigue, Beckett himself wrote the following as part of an 1860 poem:

“If the soul dieth, if our years

On earth, of discord, joys, and tears,

Be all of life, then life is vain,

And Heaven’s great work imperfect!

No! Death is but a second birth —

And man, immortal, oft returns.”

Seth Koenig

Seth has nearly a decade of professional journalism experience and writes about the greater Portland region.