The Krispy Kreme in Saco was closed on Tuesday due to an electrical issue with the machinery. Credit: Liz Gotthelf | Journal Tribune

Local Krispy Kreme fans can rest assured they will get their doughnuts again.

The doughnut shop was shut down for a few days due to an electrical issue with the store’s equipment, said owner Cort Mendez, and he said it would “definitely” be open for business Wednesday.

The Krispy Kreme shop, located on the site of a former Burger King at 520 Main St. in Saco, opened with great fanfare on Oct. 3. It is currently the only Krispy Kreme shop in the state, though Mendez has plans to open more shops in other areas of Maine.

Fans of the doughnuts camped out in the parking lot, some for more than 24 hours, in anticipation of the opening of the shop and receiving prizes for being among the first customers.

The store continued to be busy in the days following the opening, with people lining up outside.

Saco Police Chief Ray Demers said there have been some traffic complaints associated with Krispy Kreme. Demers said the traffic going into the doughnut shop has been heavy sporadically, and the police station will continue to monitor the situation.

“They’re an excellent company to work with. I don’t see any issues we can’t address,” said Demers.

Demers said police are not making any immediate decisions, as the store is still new and traffic may eventually taper off. He said the McDonald’s next door has been impacted because people are blocking the fast food restaurant’s exit and if this continues a sign asking people to not block the exit might be necessary.

On Friday evening, customers began commenting on Facebook that the store was closed and disappointed customers continued to post throughout the weekend. One person stated they had driven 45 minutes to find the store closed and another said they had driven 90 miles round trip.