Emera customers can likely expect to see an electricity rate increase of about $3.60 a month. Credit: Houlton Pioneer Times

Residential customers could face an electricity rate hike of an average of about $3.60 a month if state regulators approve Emera Maine’s request to increase its revenues.

Emera spokeswoman Allison Doughty said the requested 12 percent, or $10.1 million, revenue increase would mean a 4-5 percent hike in electric rates for a residential customer.

The request was filed Aug. 2 with the state’s Public Utilities Commission, a government agency that regulates utilities in Maine.

The company still is finalizing the numbers, and plans to send letters to customers next Wednesday with the rate increase. Emera is expected to submit the complete filing by Oct. 2, and an initial conference is scheduled for Oct. 11.

In March of 2016 Emera asked state regulators to raise the rates that would have translated into $2.40 per month more to customers in 2017. At that time, the company said it needed extra revenue to recover upgrade costs and offset lesser revenue caused by lower energy use.

However, in December Emera got less than half the amount requested, or $1.10.