Troubled retailer Sears announced a raft of store closings nationwide on Wednesday, including one in Maine.

The Sears store on Whitten Road in Augusta is slated for closure, according to a list released by the company. It is one of 42 stores under the Sears moniker slated to close by April.

Sears also is the parent company of Kmart, which had confirmed in December 2016 that its Hogan Road location in Bangor is closing in 2017.

Brick-and-mortar retailers across the nation are reporting less-than-expected sales after the holiday season. In addition to the Sears news, Macy’s on Wednesday announced the closure of 68 stores and the cutting of 3,900 jobs.

The Macy’s in Bangor, which employs 65, is among those stores slated to close.