Maine Republicans Sen. Susan Collins and Rep. Bruce Poliquin condemned Donald Trump after his comments about women were made public.

Trump’s comments about women have sparked calls for him to step down as the Republican presidential nominee. Trump issued a video apology after a video showed him making lewd, sexually charged comments about women in 2005. He called it “locker room banter.”

Sen. Susan Collins of Maine has already said she won’t vote for Trump. On Saturday she released this statement: “Donald Trump’s lewd comments are the latest in a series of remarks he has made ranging from inappropriate to reprehensible that demonstrate why he is unsuitable for the presidency. It was comments like these, including the statements he made about John McCain, a disabled reporter, the family of a fallen soldier and more, that caused me to decide this summer that I could not support his candidacy.”

U.S. Rep. Bruce Poliquin also issued a statement Saturday on Twitter, calling Trump’s comments “repulsive.”

“There is no place in Maine and America to demean a person,” Poliquin write. “I’m proud of the professional women who I’ve hired in my office to work hard for our 2nd District families.”

Poliquin also lambasted Hillary Clinton in the same statement. “It’s also disturbing to learn about Secretary Clinton’s paid speeches where she stated her support for open borders and open trade, and then turned around and lied to the public about those positions. It appears she’ll say anything to get elected.”

WGME contributed to this report.