Trump unqualified for presidency

I have been watching the Republican and the Democratic conventions with great interest, and I must say there is a lot to offer from both parties. The Democrats have Hillary Clinton who is a very intelligent lady with a solid background in foreign affairs, and in just about every field required to make a great leader for our country. I could go on and on, but it would take all my space just for her.

Now I will get to the other candidate Donald Trump. I will list below his qualifying points.

1. None.

Eugene L. Bowden


Trump’s ignorance

If ignorance is bliss, Donald Trump must be in a constant state of bliss. During his Bangor pep rally, he made it clear he is ignorant about presidential duties. When answering a question about who he would select for a vice president running mate, he responded that he obviously would select someone who understood government and could help him learn how to function as president, sort of like “on the job training.”

After the rally, Trump groupies mostly responded to reporters’ questions with inane Trump-isms. The most stunning response was about Hillary Clinton. One respondent, a representative for the Maine GOP, praised Trump for saying “Hillary Clinton has hollowed out the middle class in Maine.” It would be revealing to know how this Maine GOP operative thinks the U.S. secretary of state was able to do that. That statement reveals even Maine GOP representatives are ignorant about our national government.

All this is not in support of Clinton because well-informed people know neither she nor Trump is an acceptable candidate for president.

The election charades in Bangor demonstrated very clearly something that has evaded 2nd District voters. The quality of leaders reflects the quality of the voters who elect them. Gov. Paul LePage has made Maine the laughingstock of this country with his bombastic outbursts of half-truths. And literate people in the state know Trump is now making this country the laughingstock of the entire world with his half-truths. How can this country possibly continue to be respected by most of the free world when we select such low-caliber people, as these two are, for our “leaders”? If we think we have troubles in the world now, just wait until no one respects us.

Jim Chiddix


David Farmer’s biased view

The Bangor Daily News columnist David Farmer is a well-known Democratic Party operative. It came as no surprise, then, when, in his July 28 column, he chose to avoid any discussion of the substance of the recent revelations about the operations of Democratic National Committee staff during the recent primary season. Rather than mention the incontrovertible fact that operatives within the Democratic National Committee attempted to to sabotage Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ campaign, he chose to evade the discussion by mentioning “potential” political espionage.

Is it any wonder that the “boo birds” — Farmer’s snide term — chose to express their righteous anger with the party establishment by booing?

Bob Meggison


Better way to vote

I am writing in support of ranked-choice voting, which will appear on the ballot this November. Ranked-choice voting is a simple, common-sense reform to our voting system that puts power back in the hands of voters. It restores majority rule and gives all voters a stronger voice.

It works like this: On the ballot, voters rank candidates in order of preference. Initially, first-choice support for each of the candidates is counted. However, if no candidate has more than 50 percent of the vote, the candidate with the least number of votes is eliminated. Then, supporters of the eliminated candidate have their votes for their second-choice candidate counted. This process of elimination reappears until one candidate emerges with a majority of the vote.

In races where there are more than two candidates, voters sometimes are afraid of wasting their votes on candidates that they don’t believe will win. Ranked-choice voting ensures that your vote is never wasted. In nine of the last 11 races for Maine’s governor, candidates were elected by less than half of voters. In five of those races, candidates were elected by less than 40 percent of voters.

Mainers have often taken the lead on important measures to improve and strengthen our democracy. Republicans, Democrats, independents, Greens and Libertarians across Maine are coming together in support of this nonpartisan initiative to talk to friends and family about what ranked-choice voting is and why it matters. I encourage readers to learn more about this movement at the League of Women Voters website at

Regina Coppens


Support for Thibodeau

As mayor of Belfast my job is to bring people together to find solutions to the problems and conflicts that exist in our city. At City Hall, partisanship does not exist; we are only interested in solutions.

Relentless insults and attacks are what we have come to expect in Washington and Augusta. Rarely are true solutions offered. Sen. Mike Thibodeau, however, has shown the ability to work with all parties to find solutions to the challenges of our state.

When Belfast was recently confronted with the sudden closure of Group Home Foundation, Thibodeau led the way in seeking help for Waldo County’s neediest citizens who suddenly faced the prospect of homelessness. Without any thought to partisanship, he brought together leaders at the city and state level in an effort to work collaboratively to look for answers.

As the Maine Senate president, it was Thibodeau who brought Democrats and Republicans together to find common ground so they could pass a state budget. He is the one who stood up for the Legislature when it was confronted with the 38 vetoes inappropriately returned by the administration.

It was Thibodeau who spoke eloquently at the Martin Luther King Jr. dinner in Portland — another example of bringing people together. It was Thibodeau who led the charge to fund detox beds desperately needed during Maine’s heroin epidemic.

He has shown leadership and courage even when it put him at odds with a Republican governor.

That is why this lifelong democrat is voting for Thibodeau in November, and I hope you will join me.

Walter Ash