Do you want chickens that produce a lot of eggs? Is it more important that they are friendly? Do you only care that they’re quiet? Do you have a preference for the color of egg?

There are a ton different types of chickens to chose from. (They have awesome names, also.)

This video does a good job of explaining all the different breeds and their characteristics.

But if you’re looking for a deeper side-by-side comparison, check out this guide from Dare 2 Dream Farms, which organizes the different breeds by their various traits — like egg color, temperament and how noisy they are.

Finally, if you want a computer to do the searching for you, here’s a handy tool from My Pet Chicken that will recommend breeds for you.

If you already have chickens, what kind do you have? What made you choose them?


Dan MacLeod

Dan MacLeod is the managing editor of the Bangor Daily News. He's an Orland native who moved to Portland in 2002 and now lives in Unity. He's been a journalist since 2008, and previously worked for the...