After weeks of waffling (I like to call it “rescheduling”), BDN visuals editor Brian Feulner and I finally headed to Unity College to sleep in a snow cave late last week. The results: Both of us emerged from our snowy abode on Friday morning, a bit chilled, but relatively unscathed. I might snore a little, and he might have slept less than he would have liked. All in all, it was an enlightening experience, thanks in large part to the Unity students who pitched in to work on their wildlife ecology “lab” and provided us with a solid, nearly cozy structure to sleep in. So, would I sleep in a snowbank again? Sure. Do I want to do it this week? Not necessarily.

— John Holyoke

How we survived a subzero night in a snow shelter

Our night in a snow cave hadn’t even begun — heck, the cave itself hadn’t yet been shoveled out — when the first potential snag became apparent.

“The snow is so fluffy, it’s got me a little worried,” adjunct instructor Dianne Kopec told me and my BDN colleague, Brian Feulner, when we met in her classroom at Unity College.

Runners tackle deep snow at Bangor Y’s first snowshoe race

Racers dashed over the brilliant white snow of Branch Lake on Saturday in the first-ever snowshoe race at Bangor YMCA’s Wilderness Center at Camp Jordan. The new event was a success, attracting participants of all ages and skill levels.

“We had a mix today. We had some real hardcore snowshoe runners, and we had people who’d barely been on snowshoes before,” said John Quinn, adventure and outdoor program manager for the Bangor YMCA.

Warden apprehends cat-eating bobcat in Orono

The hungry bobcat that became the subject of a trap and relocation effort was captured Thursday night and was being taken to a more suitable location by a game warden, a Maine State Police dispatcher confirmed.

Blog log

Act Out with Aislinn: 1-minute hike: Parkman Mountain in Acadia National Park

Parkman Mountain used to be called Little Brown Mountain. George Dorr, the park’s first superintendent, renamed it Parkman Mountain in the early 1900s. In fact, he introduced new names to several peaks on the island in an effort to draw attention to historical figures.

George’s Outdoor News: Pink moose and slingshots debated at legislature

Well, the moose weren’t pink — but the clothing moose hunters wear would have been. Today’s work session of the Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Committee debated the impact of winter ticks on moose, the pink clothing proposal, hunting with slingshots and one long-fought fishing bill.

On the horizon

Show season is in full swing, and this weekend thousands of outdoor enthusiasts will flock to the University of Maine in Orono for the 77th Eastern Maine Sportsmen’s Show. The BDN Outdoors crew will be there all weekend, and our own Aislinn Sarnacki will give presentations on hiking at 5 p.m. on Saturday and at noon on Sunday. We’ll spend the rest of our time at the BDN booth, where you’ll be able to pick up a copy of our latest edition of BDN Outdoors or Bangor Metro, or sign up for home delivery of the BDN. And of course, we’ll be accepting entries into the 13th annual “Win a Drift Boat Trip” contest. This year’s trip is scheduled for June 14 on the East Outlet of the Kennebec River, and as always, our guide will be Dan Legere of the Maine Guide Fly Shop in Greenville. Stop by and say “Hi!”

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