Steve Woods, one of four independents in the race for Maine’s open U.S. Senate seat, said Saturday he’s dropping out of the race and throwing his support behind independent former Gov. Angus King.

Woods, the Yarmouth Town Council chairman who owns a collective of six businesses in Falmouth, made his announcement during his closing statement at the final debate among the six candidates for Maine’s Senate seat held at Lewiston Middle School.

“I respect each and every one of the candidates here tonight,” said Woods, who was the last to deliver a closing statement at the debate on WGME Channel 13. “In my opinion, only one person standing here is the most prominent and has the highest degree of integrity to represent all Mainers. His name is Angus King.”

Woods was the second candidate to qualify for the ballot in the spring, and he garnered publicity early in the race with an endorsement from mentalist The Amazing Kreskin, his pledge to donate his Senate salary to charity if elected and the use of his company’s mobile health screening vehicle at campaign events.

Early on in the campaign, Woods also promised to drop out of the race and endorse King if he was behind in the polls close to Election Day and it appeared as if he would be a spoiler.

Unlike King, Woods said he would have caucused with Senate Democrats. His name will remain on Tuesday’s ballot.