Sara Moore for Union Select Board

It’s not every day we meet someone we immediately trust and feel are 100 percent honest with us. Sara Moore is one of those people. Every time I talk with Sara, I get the feeling that she always tells the truth and that we can believe what she says. Her life experiences have given her sound judgment, reason and common sense. As a farmer, she is hardworking but also logical and efficient. These incredible traits are rare, but are exactly what we need at all levels of government.

I like to think Sara is “one of us,” but know she is better than many of us. Sara is not one of the “good ol’ boys” and will be a valuable addition to our currently all-male Select Board. I encourage everyone in Union to vote for Sara Moore for Union Select Board.

John Field


East-west disrespect

I recently attended the east-west highway meeting with the goal of learning about the project itself and the enormous economic benefit it would bring the surrounding community.

While my personal goal was in fact accomplished, I was very disappointed with the way the community was represented at the meeting. Many people were disrespectful toward Mr. Vigue, asking him questions and then interrupting him as he answered. How one feels on the issue should not affect how respectful they are. While this issue may not, respect for others is something that should cross party lines, and being rude to a man who is trying to help and improve the economic situation of our region is unacceptable.

Mr. Vigue deserved the utmost respect and unfortunately on Thursday night that is not what he received. He is trying to help our state and bring it economic prosperity, but that isn’t how everyone sees this project, and I understand that. I do firmly believe, however, that community members were in the wrong for interrupting him while he talked and yelling out irrelevant follow-up questions. Why would someone want to generously give their time to come and answer questions about the project when he is interrupted and not listened to?

Christopher Shorey


Reed for District 23

Residents of Carmel, Etna, Hermon and Stetson: Roger Reed wants to represent us in District 23 in the Maine House of Representatives in Augusta, but he needs your vote in the Republican primary June 12 in order to do so.

Roger has been teaching and coaching at Bangor High School for over 25 years. His work ethic and his character are beyond reproach. He is a man of his word and believes that the Constitution is the law of the land. He is a strong fiscal and social conservative who wants the heritage of our state and nation to be preserved for our children and grandchildren.

Your X in the box for “Reed, Roger of Carmel” is a vote for a strong voice for life, freedom and the pursuit of happiness. As a veteran I am proud to support Roger Reed, and I encourage other veterans to do so.

Harry F. Rideout


Fair coverage please

The front page of your Saturday (June 2 BDN) edition carried interesting and informative (albeit brief) replies to the same questions from the 10 U.S. Senatorial candidates. In doing so, you provided your readers with a valuable opportunity to learn more about the positions of them all. The “ground rules” of that segment were clear and fair — limited to “tweet” size of 140 characters.

In the June 5 paper, you took the liberty of providing a nearly half-page expansion on only one candidate’s, Matt Dunlap’s, “fuller answers” to your questions. I looked for an explanation that others would follow, but your lead-in to the Dunlap piece indicated that the remaining responses are available only online.

The liberal left repeatedly hammers home the theme of “fairness” and “level playing field” in the name of bashing its opponents, yet your paper continually demonstrates a bias that provides anything but.

Your readers and the candidates alike should expect accurate, complete and fair reporting, providing each with an equal opportunity, a level playing field, to reach voters. I hope you are going to publish expanded replies from all those competing in this all-important race, but somehow I doubt that will happen.

For shame, BDN.

Curt Bean


Tea party

It seems to me that a person who votes for a tea party member is like a chicken that votes for KFC.

Lionel R. LaPointe Sr.


Two questions

Residents of Hancock County should ask themselves two questions: Are you worried about your tax dollars? Are you worried about how Hancock County government is being administered?

Every check that is sent out through the warrant process of Hancock County may be reviewed by the department head, the CFO, the deputy treasurer, the treasurer, the chairman and the remaining commissioners. There is also an annual audit that verifies that all the money is accounted for. Your tax dollars are safe.

Are you worried about the administration of Hancock County? You should have some concern when employees try to get rid of their overseers because they don’t like being told what to do. Have we come to that? We the commissioners of Hancock County care about all of our employees, but we also care about how tax dollars are spent. We ask for a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay. We ask our department heads to be good stewards of our taxpayers dollars. Most are, but some aren’t, and when they aren’t the CFO tells us and we question them about it at an open meeting. Some department heads don’t like having their judgment questioned in public, but that is the way a governmental operation should be run, out in the open for all to see and hear. Email me at if you have questions.

There is always more to the story.

Steven Joy


MEA support

I am constantly intrigued by specific issues that organizations in our state choose to support. I hope someone can explain to me why the Maine Education Association has chosen to support gay marriage.

I do not see how this stance is important to the education of the students in this state — primary, secondary and postsecondary. Please, MEA, support causes that will have a positive and long-term impact on the education of students in our state.

Harriett Real


RSU 26 Budget Vote

In a recent letter, Susan O’Roak urged residents of Glenburn, Orono and Veazie to vote against the RSU 26 school budget. As one of the 42 residents (including several of Mrs. O’Roak’s fellow RSU 26 school board members) who voted for the increase of $265,000, I feel it is necessary to present voters with additional information so they can make an informed choice.

Mrs. O’Roak’s claim that the additional $265,000 will result in either an increase in taxes (although a very small one) or a budget reduction elsewhere is accurate in and of itself.  However, this $265,000 represents the amount that the state told the towns to increase their local contributions to the schools by. Instead of asking the towns to do what the state required, the school board chose to absorb cuts totaling this amount. In effect, the school board short-changed the schools by $265,000.

Mrs. O’Roak also claimed that students will not miss opportunities without these funds. This is simply not true. Without this money students will have fewer class choices and see decreased access to library services, physical education, music and extracurricular activities. Class sizes will increase. Students in Glenburn will have one principal for more than 400 students, raising safety concerns. These are not small matters.

I urge you to support quality education in RSU 26 schools and vote in favor of the school budget on Tuesday.

Mark Brewer