July 17, 2018
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Tuesday, Aug. 1, 2017: Party of liars, no oil drilling in Arctic refuge, Sen. Collins showed courage

Collins showed courage

Access to quality, affordable and comprehensive health care coverage is essential for the health and well-being of our state. When Maine children and families have health insurance, they can see a doctor when they are sick or injured and get the care they need to truly thrive.

On behalf of the Maine Children’s Alliance, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Sens. Susan Collins and Angus King for their unwavering opposition to the many harmful health care bills over the past few months. Their commitment to the people of Maine is clear. They listened to our phone calls, read our emails and acted in the best interest of Mainers. And for that, we are grateful.

I also would like to recognize Collins for her tremendous display of courage throughout the health care debate. MaineCare, Maine’s Medicaid program, ensures that Maine’s children, families, seniors and individuals with disabilities can get the care they need to be the active contributors to our state. In fact, 42 percent of all Mainers who receive health care coverage through MaineCare are children. Any cuts to Medicaid would be detrimental to all of us.

In Maine, we still have more than 14,000 uninsured children and more than 50 percent are eligible for coverage through MaineCare. Now that the Senate has voted to leave Medicaid alone for the moment, it’s time to get eligible children covered and keep working to ensure all Maine children can get the health care they deserve.

Claire Berkowitz

Executive director

Maine Children’s Alliance


Party of liars

After nearly 60 years of following politics, I have concluded that while not all Republicans are liars and obfuscators, the vast majority of them are. With the exception of Sens. Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, all of the other Republicans in the Senate proved my point last week during the health care debate.

For the last few weeks, they have been trying to move health care legislation to the Senate floor. They told us that doing so would open up debate and discussion on the issues. They told us it would allow for common-sense amendments to the legislation to be brought forward and debated. Then they vote, by the slimmest of margins, to move the legislation to the floor.

And what do they do? Immediately call for a vote on the outright repeal of Obamacare without a replacement plan. Thankfully, it was defeated. But the point is, there was no open bipartisan debate of the pros and cons. No amendments put forward and discussed and debated. Nothing but more proof of their lies and deceptions. Maine and the nation is lucky to have two senators who have not fallen for it. And kudos to Sen. John McCain for casting the decisive vote to defeat “skinny repeal” of Obamacare.

I can honestly and sincerely say I have never seen the current level of outright lies, deception and obfuscation in our political and governmental system. “Follow the money,” FBI Agent Mark Felt (aka Deep Throat) famously said during the Watergate investigation. The same is true today.

Paul Cyr


No oil drilling in Arctic refuge

Drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge would severely degrade one of America’s last wild places. Most Mainers recognize the importance of wilderness — it feeds our souls. This passion for nature, wildlife and outdoor recreation dissolves party lines. Republicans, Democrats and independents alike come together to appreciate and protect wild places across the country.

In her July 7 BDN OpEd, Kay Henry has poignantly articulated why the prospect of drilling in the Arctic refuge is terrifying. It would destroy a precious ecology on which flora and fauna depend. We would see an instant and rapid decline in caribou, polar bears and migratory birds from every state. We would see degradation of river water quality. We would see the death of a beautiful and truly wild landscape.

I cannot help but equate this to Maine’s moose, bear, deer and duck species. I cannot help but draw parallels to our rivers, wild forests and beautiful mountains. Alaska may be on the opposite end of the continent, but I cannot help but see it as a sister state to Maine.

This is why I ask Rep. Bruce Poliquin to please vote against any attempts to drill in the refuge. The effects will be catastrophic and it is not what the Maine people stand for. Henry has had the honor to experience the Arctic refuge. I can only hope my children will be running Alaska’s wild rivers in a canoe as I one day wish to do.

Ivy Enoch


Collins not a team player

The Republicans, in essence, do not control the Senate. News commentators and talk show hosts have it all wrong about the Senate being Republican controlled. Excuse me, America, but the Democrats continue to control the Senate, as they also dominate the news media.

For example, Sens. John McCain, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski are Republican In Name Only (RINO) politicians. Essentially, they’re Democrats. As one counts these in the ledger, that puts the Democrats in majority. Other RINOs, in my opinion, include Sens. Thad Cochran and Lindsey Graham.

We’ve heard the phrase “wolves in sheep’s clothing.” Or how about the chameleon, a small slow-moving Old World lizard with a prehensile tail, long extendable tongue, protruding eyes that rotate independently and a highly developed ability to change color? RINOs seem to have this ability — run on conservative issues and oppose conservative values once elected.

In reference to McCain, Collins and Murkowski and the recent Obamacare repeal vote, I have a question. Were any of them ever involved in sports? Did they ever play on a team? Coaches stress the word “teamwork.” Teamwork helps a team function more efficiently and effectively. A team wins together or loses together. I know McCain heard the word teamwork while in the U.S. Navy. So what’s happened since? Were they not elected as Republicans? True, but they play like Democrats.

America elected a president with an agenda to move America forward again. Team players support that agenda.

Michael Imhof



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