May 26, 2018
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Friday, July 14, 2017: Liberal academia let down America, Poliquin serves the 2nd District, override solar veto

Poliquin serves 2nd District

Every single day that we come to work, we understand that the people of Maine’s 2nd Congressional District are our customers. We work for you — and it is truly an honor.

We welcome and encourage all Mainers to express their opinions and exercise their First Amendment rights. We receive thousands of calls, emails and letters each week with constituents’ opinions that we deliver to Rep. Bruce Poliquin. And we respond to everyone.

As congressional caseworkers, we assist Maine residents in resolving issues they have with all federal agencies. These duties range from making sure our veterans are getting the health care they deserve to making sure our seniors don’t go without Medicare or Social Security benefits. We assist Maine small-business owners with any IRS issue they may be having or a person needing their new or renewed passport to travel on time. We want to hear from everyone, but also want everyone and groups to understand what we do for our constituents so that our time can be used most effectively to help the most number of people in Maine.

For more than two years, we have helped thousands of constituents with issues at federal agencies and the VA. We welcome all who require our services to contact us so we can help, as we do every day. We will continue to do our work diligently and serve the people of Maine’s 2nd District.

Tim Gallant

Staff assistant

Office of Rep. Bruce Poliquin


Override solar veto

I am very concerned about the rising cost of electricity in Maine. Thankfully, the Legislature is taking action to reduce electricity costs for our homes and businesses by supporting solar legislation that will save Mainers millions of dollars on their electric bills by avoiding an expensive new Public Utilities Commission rule being pushed by monopoly utilities.

Last month, the Legislature adopted LD 1504, a solar energy bill, with a bipartisan supermajority, enough to override a veto by Gov. Paul LePage. If the Legislature fails to override the governor’s veto, the PUC’s net metering rule will take effect. Under that rule, everyone in Maine who pays an electric bill will be saddled with unnecessary costs to buy unneeded meter equipment. We cannot afford to let that happen.

Solar energy reduces electricity costs for all Mainers by reducing the need to build expensive transmission lines and run the most expensive power plants. In Maine, electricity transmission costs have increased 80 percent in just the last 10 years as utilities like Central Maine Power propose more and more construction — and they get a guaranteed rate of return when they spend our money in the process. Solar produces electricity on site where it is used, reducing the need for more transmission lines.

I was happy to see that my state representative, Paul Stearns, and senator, Paul Davis, voted in support of the solar bill in Augusta. I urge them to stick to it on the veto override vote in the coming days to reduce electricity costs.

Katie Yakubowski


Liberal academia let America down

Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse painted a gloomy picture of American youth and continued adolescence in his new book, “ The Vanishing American Adult.” After reading it I asked myself how did this happen? How have so many of our youth failed to become working adults? No doubt parents in the digital age shoulder some of the responsibility, but much blame rests with our education system particularly American higher education.

It’s been clear to me for a long time that liberal academia have come to believe that they are the elite of our world, they know best and they are the only ones able to lead us into the future. They have taken advantage of intellectually insecure American youth and taught a cadre of young students the evils of the free market and the private economy.

Liberal colleges rewarded them with participation trophies and self-esteem boosting even emboldened demonstrations against free speech. No wonder too many college graduates are unable to adapt to their obligations in the work-a-day world. Four-year college degrees have been the goal of many families, including my own.

Academia has let us down and convinced America that learning a technical skill takes second place to a four-year liberal college degree. Only now we learn that this is a huge mistake. America needs and rewards technicians far more than liberal graduates. Technicians are working while too many others are demonstrating.

Richard de Grasse



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