February 25, 2018
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Friday, June 27, 2014: Curbing immigration, Mike Michaud support, Clifton wind vote


Wake up

We all agree the United States has a crisis on its southern border with Mexico: the flood of illegal immigrants, the issue of imprisoning a U.S. marine, and the numerous incursions of armed Mexican soldiers. President Barack Obama is fomenting the problem; Mexico is encouraging the problem; and our Congress is impotent to deal with the problem.

Where is the leadership to stop this that must be provided by the Maine congressional delegation and the rest of our nation for that matter?

It is appalling that no one in America is advocating the quickest solution of all. So I will. It is understood that money talks. Well, commerce is the lifeblood of money.

Here is the course of action:

— Today, the United States closes the border to vehicular traffic. No more trucks, no more produce, no more goods coming across the border.

— In addition, we tell the government of Mexico it has 24 hours to return our U.S. marine being held in its jail.

— We tell the government of Mexico there will be no more commerce across the border until it repatriates our marine and it shuts off this contrived flow of illegal immigrants.

— We send these illegal immigrants, every man, woman and child, back across the border. Harsh, you say? Wake up, we are being invaded, overcome, and we have surrendered.

— It is the proper role of the National Guard of our border states to protect our borders. It is an absolute axiom of national sovereignty to destroy the Mexican soldiers who cross our borders and invade our country. This must be stopped.

America needs to wake up.

Dana D. Dyer



Just say no

Clifton votes July 1 on reconstruction by the planning board of the land use ordinance. I urge voters to “just say no” to the proposed changes.

Having worked on the land use ordinance from 2005 to 2010, I am concerned that these drastic changes are for the worse. The ordinance gives many powers and responsibilities. I question the wisdom of putting so much trust in the current board. Its proposed new ordinance “fix” is seriously flawed.

Mishandling of the Pisgah wind farm application cost the Town more than $83,000 so far. Making changes retroactive to 2010 dooms the town to even more legal tangles and expenses. This “fix” allows turbines on Woodchuck Hill, plays with “vested rights” and “confidential communications,” deletes low-frequency noise standards, and enacts complicated noise standards and complaint procedures. The town attorney criticized the fixes and said it is too complicated for a town board to administer.

The board blames “deficiencies” in the ordinance and “technicalities” for its previous loss in court. Not so. The judge blamed a willingness to overlook deficiencies in the Pisgah application. The town won’t fix that problem by fixing the ordinance. Just say no on July 1.

Paula Kelso

Clifton Task Force on Wind


Bear vote

Maine’s bear management program is anything but “wildly successful,” as claimed by David Trahan in his June 21 OpEd. “Maine communities could become more dangerous without bear baiting, hounding, trapping.” The Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife’s own data showing the bear population has grown from 23,000 to more than 30,000 in the last 10 years is evidence of that.

This 30 percent increase is due to millions of pounds of human junk food being dumped into our woods every year to lure bears for easy kills. Bear baiting grows the population and habituates bears to people, which increases the likelihood of conflict. You don’t need to be a bear biologist to understand the connection. Using baiting to supposedly control the bear population and prevent conflicts is like trying to solve an ant problem by dumping bread crumbs and maple syrup on your floor.

Because shooting a bear with her head buried in a pile of pizza and jelly doughnuts is indefensible, those opposed to this common sense measure resort to attacking the messenger. The Humane Society of the United States is not an anti-hunting organization. We join responsible hunters in opposing cruel and unsporting practices such as bear baiting, hounding and trapping; and many rank-and-file hunters agree these practices are inhumane and unacceptable. The HSUS is proud to be a part of the Mainers for Fair Bear Hunting coalition.

A “yes” vote in November will restore fair chase to Maine’s bear hunt and provide the long-overdue prescription for addressing Maine’s growing bear population.

Katie Hansberry

Maine state director for The Humane Society of the United States


No labels

I was interested to read the BDN article about the nonpartisan group No Labels and its acknowledgement of Rep. Mike Michaud’s effective work in Congress. He deserves their “problem solver seal of approval.”

In fact, that’s exactly why “I like Mike.” He is not one of the tireless self-promoters who often enters politics. He is a modest man for whom politics is public service. He first ran for state office because of a problem — an increasingly polluted Penobscot River — and he worked effectively to find solutions. Not by browbeating other legislators, but by working hard to build understanding of the problem, exploring potential solutions with others and making an effective case for changes that would improve the river. The proof of his effectiveness is two-fold: the cleaner Penobscot and the respect his colleagues and former colleagues have for him.

In Congress, Michaud has operated the same way. The real problems caused by jobs being shipped overseas and inadequate attention to the ongoing health care needs of veterans are ongoing concerns that he has tenaciously tackled, through thick and thin, during his six terms representing Maine’s 2nd District.

Michaud is an unpretentious and hard-working public servant. He is in politics for all the right reasons, and he has the experience and demeanor to be a terrific governor. I am so heartened that he is willing to take on the enormous challenge of the campaign and the actual job. Maine needs respectful and effective leadership, and that is exactly what Michaud will provide.

Alison Smith



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