June 23, 2018
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LiveSAFE system provides emergency response, security

By Carol Higgins Taylor

It’s like having the world at your fingertips. Well, almost.
Rosscare’s LiveSAFE provides personal emergency response service, friendly support, and a sense of security, literally at the touch of a button.
“This is a unique service in that it is not only for emergencies but it is total telephone support,” said Jennifer Maskala, LiveSAFE & Telecare manager. The system can help in any type of situation, medical or not. Some people may push their button because they are feeling anxious, or they smell smoke, or just want to test their button. Operators are standing by.
“The response team is Maine based, with operators residing at the Aroostook Medical Center,” said Maskala. “There are no hidden costs, no long-term contracts and no equipment to buy.” There is just the installation fee of $40 and then the monthly fee of $32.
Be careful of national systems that promise a GPS location finder. Be sure to ask a lot of questions and read all the fine print. Some of these systems claim they go everywhere you go but upon further investigation, the tiny print reveals that they don’t always work in every situation.
People who subscribe to LiveSAFE receive a small, waterproof, battery-operated call button roughly the size of an oval half-dollar, which can be worn as a bracelet, necklace or be clipped to a shirt. They also receive a base unit, about the size of a small cake pan, which hooks into a landline phone line. The response center answers calls, in less than one minute, through this unit, which acts as a speakerphone.
Subscribers provide their address, landline phone number to which the unit of hooked up, and possibly names of local people willing to be called in case help is needed, emergency or otherwise. Family living close by or neighbors are good choices as they can quickly come to the person’s aid if necessary.
I can personally attest to the peace of mind that the system provides to adult children who are prone to worrying. At 85, my mother is fiercely independent and does exactly as she wishes, all the time. However, she did agree to subscribe to the LiveSAFE system, more to quiet me down than out of any sense of urgency on her part. I was pretty vocal in my concern. But then a wondrous thing happened. She feels more secure in her apartment. If she takes a tumble and her phone is out of reach, say in the bathroom, help is offered immediately. My worry time has been cut drastically.
Here’s how it works. The button is pushed, activating the base unit, which sends a call to the response center. The operators, who are trained in elder issues including high anxiety situations, answer the call and ask if the subscriber is OK or needs assistance. They determine the reason the button was pushed.
If the operator receives no response from the subscriber, people listed on the subscriber’s profile or an ambulance is immediately notified.
LiveSAFE actually fosters independence by providing a feeling of security to people by allowing them to participate in favorite activities both in their home and outside in their yards knowing they can get help if necessary. The range of the system is over 200 feet.
If you’re interested in LiveSAFE, call Rosscare at 1-877-880-7677. As an added bonus, if you mention this column, you will receive free installation. That’s a $40 saving.
A note to all caregivers: LiveSAFE would be a great holiday gift for yourself. If you worry about a parent, for just over a dollar a day can relieve that fear. At least in part. It is so comforting to know that help is available at the end of your parent’s finger.

Carol Higgins Taylor is director of communications at Eastern Area Agency on Aging. For information on EAAA, call 941-2865, toll-free 800-432-7812, or log on www.eaaa.org.

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