May 26, 2018
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Saturday, Oct. 20, 2012: Love counts, no puppet, climate change no joke

Vote Rod

Integrity, compassion, insight and a strong work ethic are all traits exemplified in Republican Rod Hathaway, candidate for state Senate District 30.

We are fortunate to know Hathaway both personally and professionally and have always been impressed by the love and pride he has for his family, his town and the state of Maine. Hathaway is a devoted husband, father and grandfather who cares deeply about people and someone who

is always seeking to make things better. He brings a hands-on, common-sense approach to his business that will undoubtedly transfer to his work in the Senate.

Please vote for Hathaway in November to ensure a brighter future for Maine.

Owen Oakes


Vote for reproductive choice

Hardest in this coming election, for some of us, is the probability of, if more social conservatives are elected, our losing much of our reproductive choice in this country.

Do enough of us think about access to contraception, family planning and abortion rights? What it was like before Roe v. Wade in 1973 when it was hard to get contraceptive help, much less have an abortion, if needed. Abortions were dangerous and hidden, whether you were single, had a family already, couldn’t afford it or chose to be childless.

Whatever your reason, you were trapped in a situation that would affect the rest of your life.

Do young people realize how serious this threat is with the far right chipping away at family planning with hostile legislation in many states, succeeding in making it harder to get contraceptives. Many men think it is none of their business or not as important as the other

heavy issues we are dealing with. But contraception and safe abortion, if that fails, are crucial to quality of life for women, children they have, men who care about them, their families and communities. It matters to the whole country in health, savings, education and ability to earn a living.

Don’t let us lose our family planning clinics and access to reproductive choice.

Beedy Parker


Parental assistance

Did you know that if a person required to pay child support is not working and receives Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, their child-support order is suspended until two weeks after they are off state assistance? The child they are obligated to assist supporting still needs to eat, a place to sleep, child care and clothing.

Why does this child have to suffer while the other parent gets help for other children, which may or may not be their court-ordered, biological responsibility but married into a stepparent role? Wouldn’t it be fair to require them to repay support during this time when they are back on their feet? Or possibly a portion of the state funds they receive go to the child they should be supporting?

Krystal White



Love each other

Soon Mainers will be voting, and there’s one vote that my spouse and I find so very important: marriage equality, the right for same-sex couples to love and marry with all the rights that my husband and I have.

We’ve been married 40 years; we feel secure with the knowledge that we are protected by law. We wholeheartedly want for our beloved same-sex friends to have what we have, to be accepted, to be married with full privileges. We see that people who love each other are committed and raising a family whether it’s a same-sex relationship or one man and one woman. It’s all the same. There really is no difference! It is the love that counts.

Karen Dean


Huhn vote

I would like to extend my support and confidence on behalf of Ken Huhn for Bangor City Council. Huhn would be an exemplary public servant. I am in awe of his competence and abilities advocating for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in various communities throughout Maine.

For example, Huhn has helped my family and others better understand and prepare for common challenges. My children, both of whom have autism spectrum sisorder, have benefitted greatly from his voluntary educational advocacy, offering my family support and assistance with several issues that have threatened my children’s education and entitlements to be received under the law.

He is always polite, thorough, timely and conscientious of his duties to meet the needs of his family, the community, children and adults with these special abilities, all the while maintaining full-time employment for the United Cerebral Palsy of Maine. Furthermore, his biggest asset is his ability to exert a high level of organizational skill and remain calm while under extreme

periods of stress and pressure. His skills in business, economics and health-care management are amazing. Huhn displays a talent that will make any public service industry highly influenced having him on board.

I believe Huhn is very accomplished and would be a lauded personality serving on the Bangor City Council. It is with great pleasure that I write this commentary and express highest

recommendations for his run for public office.

De Brown RN, MS


Community leader

I was displeased to receive in the mail recently an attack on the candidacy of Democrat Geoff Gratwick, of Bangor, which alleges that he is controlled by groups as diverse as the Sierra Club and the AFL-CIO.

I have known Gratwick for decades and have marveled at his public service and his independent spirit. He was a devoted member of the Maine Humanities Council and is still working hard on the Bangor City Council.

He is no one’s puppet. We are incredibly lucky to have him as a doctor and a community leader.

Ruth Nadelhaft

Professor Emerita, University of Maine


Climate no laughing matter

Missing in the first presidential debate was a question covering the economic toll of global climate change. Had one been asked, Republican Mitt Romney might have had to justify his climate-change laugh line at the GOP convention. Had one been asked, President Barack Obama could have linked climate change to economic downtown and maybe eventual economic catastrophe.

As The New York Times reported this week, scorching heat and drought in the United States, Russia and Europe constricted agricultural production and pushed up prices of corn and soybeans to record highs.

It’s happening in the U.S. as well. How is proven climate change science not an economic issue? It’s no laughing matter, and it’s time the GOP recognizes its reality and its seriousness.

Beverly Teach


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