June 19, 2018
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Saturday, Aug. 4, 2012:Global warming, preserving farmland and gun rights

Standing against bonds

Your opinions simply astound me. Our governor may not say or do what everyone thinks he ought to. He is the first person I know in the political arena that will take a stand against bonds, and I, for one, commend him for this. Bonds are killing the state of Maine.

His timing was established by the circumstances, which was not of his doing. And, yes, I am the noisy constituent.

I don’t see any damage to our state’s culture. In fact I believe just the opposite. Your paper says it doesn’t make him right, but he has made a stand that probably some of the people you know are trying to promote so that they can purchase these bonds for the good dividends or interest, which is tax free both at the federal and state levels.

Most of these bonds are sold in segments of $25,000 or greater. The average citizen who might make an investment in bonds cannot because it is big money.

I challenge you for the second time. Why don’t you publish a list of just who is purchasing these bonds? My motto is: Don’t put today’s responsibilities on to the future, which will make my children and yours pay for this burden.

Richard Eaton


The climate change cause

Carolyn Bower’s letter ( BDN July 28-29) calls for us to rise up and stifle ridiculous voices. As one of those ridiculous voices with no dog in the hunt, I would like to ask her some questions, since she is “one of those who understand the truth.”

Over the past 400,000 years, there have been five major glaciations. I haven’t read about any evidence of coal-fired power plants, oil-heated caves or SUV’s during those glaciations. What caused the global warming then?

In 1000 AD, the Greenland Viking societies numbered some 3,000 inhabitants on 300 to 400 farms for some 500 years without SUV’s, coal-fired power plants or oil-heated huts. What caused the Medieval Climatic Anomaly from 950 to 1250? What caused the Little Ice Age in 1350 to about 1850?

There is global warming. Since man is but one of three to 30 million species inhabiting this earth, I believe there are a multitude of reasons for it: sunspot activity, earth wobble, cloud cover, etc.

The real reason for “man-made climate change” is money. Which doomsday cause has the most appeal, “save the snail darter” or “save the world?” No, “man-made climate change” is not a theory; it is a cause. Have you not seen the hundreds of concerned people who make a very good living in the name of this cause?

Jim Miller


Farming funds

For years I’ve driven past the open fields of Rokes Farm, struck by their timeless beauty and concerned about what might happen if those acres were put on the real estate market. Well, they’re now on the market. The good news is, Maine Farmland Trust and Maine Coast Heritage Trust are handling it.

Here’s a remarkable opportunity to preserve two pieces of Camden’s farmland. The scenic expanse of Rokes Farm on upper Mechanic Street and the equally beautiful fields of the Spear Farm on Simonton Road may finally be safe from residential development through the assistance of MFT and MCHT. They need our financial help for it to remain farmland.

By summer’s end, $303,000 must be raised. Checks may be made out to “Saving Camden Farmland” and sent to Saving Camden Farmland, c/o Maine Farmland Trust, 97 Main St., Belfast, ME 04915. Or, perhaps you have other ideas for raising these critical funds. Send your ideas to Cate Cronin at MFT, email ccronin@mainefarmlandtrust.org or call 338-6575.

We must be proactive and set aside suitable farmland for farmers. Young people are being drawn to this historical way of life, and today’s farmers have many new options. Let’s give them a chance by providing affordable agricultural land.

MFT Executive Director John Piotti is giving a talk 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 7, at the Rockport Public Library. I can assure that you will be energized and informed by his discussion about Maine farmland.

Please support future farming by donating today.

Karin K. Rector


Allow all marriage

As Christians, we rely on the Bible to guide us. But we must keep in mind that the Bible, although inspired by God, was written by man. God gave men free will. As a result, men’s prejudice and the customs of the times impacted their writings. Scholars still search for accurate meanings of Biblical passages. If we were to practice every law in the Bible, we would not eat lobster, shrimp, or clams. Nor would we eat pork (so much for ham on Easter.)

In respect to Romans 1:26-27, not all biblical scholars see this passage in black and white. Many believe that it refers to the fact that heterosexual pagans who had converted to Christianity were perverse when they converted back to paganism and their former behaviors — worshipping Aphrodite, orgies, homosexuality and child molestation of slaves. Many scholars believe that this passage is meant to teach tolerance, as Paul goes on to say in Romans 2:1 that we should not judge others, for those that judge others do the same thing. Still others believe that the Bible was condemning indiscriminate homosexual behavior, not monogamous loving relationships.

As a Christian, I am disappointed in the hate that we Christians pass off as acceptable by quoting scripture. Gay individuals don’t choose to be gay; they are born gay. Since God doesn’t make mistakes, gays are a gift from God. I urge Maine citizens to help eliminate discrimination by voting to allow same sex marriage.

Susan Edwards


Ferrell support

I am also a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association, as well as a lifetime hunter, reloader and shooter. And I concur wholeheartedly with the observations of Larry Ferrell of Newport. Perhaps my thoughts are more stringent, as I see no need for assault/military-style weapons to be used in either hunting activities or unstructured recreational shooting. I would support a banning of these weapons entirely. Oh, blasphemy, methinks the gun makers and civil righters doth protest too much!

Finally, as a result of extensive firsthand field experience, I would support restricting every hunting firearm to single-shot status.

I, too, am appalled at the destruction of lives resulting from the ready availability of weaponry not needed by J.Q. Public.

Hank Hosking


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