June 25, 2018
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Saturday, June 9, 2012: Alzheimer’s, the east-west highway and Cynthia Dill

Loving memories

Your recent articles about Alzheimer’s were sad yet beautiful. Victims leave beautiful, loving and caring memories. Alzheimer’s robs many people of everything.

I am without a husband. Fredrik Malmborg lived until December 31, 2011. He was 81.

His Alzheimer’s began in 2004. It was a slow, painful decline. He was a school teacher, remembered by many. I was the one who sang to him up to a few months before his passing. He never complained. We leaned on each other; best friends do that. Only those who have lost relatives to Alzheimer’s can comprehend the pain. Speeding up the studies and cure of the horrid disease certainly should have precedence over fighting wars. We can pray, someday, tax dollars will go to valuable causes.

Jessie Malmborg

Fort Kent

Second Amendment protections

Regarding the May 25th article ” False Statement” by Cynthia Dill accusing David Trahan of misstating her position on gun control. She claims her statements consistently support the Second Amendment.

I do not know David or Cynthia. What I do know is that Senator Dill chooses to avoid her stand on the Second Amendment by using the excuse that jobs and the economy are much more important. Then goes on to blame the NRA for passage of laws that support Second Amendment rights. Then states there is a difference between a vigilante and a sportsman. I would like to remind the Senator that the Second Amendment does not mention vigilantes, sportsmen or hunting. It clearly states the right to keep and bear arms.

Regarding her statement allowing Mainers to take the law into their hands during an “emergency”: While our police departments are trained professionals, they cannot always be there when you need them, especially in rural areas. Human beings have a hard-wired program for self protection; for fighting back; for safeguarding their families and communities. As Americans that’s why we preserve armed self-defense as part of our Second Amendment protections. Gun control provides overwhelming advantage to criminals; their unarmed victims

cannot fight back.

Steve Ellinwood


Wake Up!

I attended the east-west highway meeting on May 31 in Dover-Foxcroft. It was without doubt a “fair and balanced” meeting. Those opposed to the highway held a rally before the meeting and were handed out orange typewriter-size pages with “TELL THE TRUTH” printed on one side and “ANSWER THE QUESTION” on the other. These were to be held up to express our silent disagreement with Mr. Vigue’s selling points.

These signs were confiscated by the police as we entered. Once inside a proponent of the highway handed out pro-highway points on an identically sized piece of paper. Any questions we had were written on a form supplied by the organizers and they then chose the questions to be answered. The one-hour open question period where people could speak was cancelled. In this “fair and balanced” sham of a presentation the opponents of the highway were denied any voice at all. Increasingly, this is the way our democracy works. The voice of the people is silenced by the voice of money and the press accuses us of being bullies. Wake up.

Robert Shaw


Fossil fools

When the entire world is struggling with climate change and widespread disasters it is shocking to me that businessmen like Peter Vigue still push for heavy use of fossil fuels and super highways and pipelines carrying fossil fuel.

Just when we should be finding ever new ways to conserve energy use and expand solar, wind and tidal energy and grow and eat local food he is pushing for the exact opposite with a private toll road of massive size.

Jane Sanford


June 12 vote

This letter is for all residents of RSU 26 — Glenburn, Orono and Veazie. Please go to the polls on June 12 and make your wishes known concerning the RSU 26 school budget. After long, arduous discussions, the RSU 26 board adopted a budget that preserved the integrity of our

educational offerings. It is true that many programs were partially reduced but students will not receive sub-par educations, sit in overcrowded classrooms or miss opportunities as a result of this budget.

Additionally, this budget was fiscally restrained and did not pass a tax increase onto the communities of Glenburn and Orono and a very modest increase to the residents of Veazie. At our budget referendum meeting, a group of 42 residents amended the budget to include an additional $265,000.

This increase was not asked for and will cause either an increase in taxes or lessened municipal services in all three communities. There was no clear indication as to what this money should be used for. If this is acceptable to you then you should vote “yes” to adopt the budget with the additional money included. If, however, you want good educational programming funded by a budget that does not increase taxes, you should vote “no” to this budget and send the board of directors back to the table to rework this budget to better reflect your wishes. The choice is yours.

Susan O’Roak


Dill endorsement

For 30 years, it was believed that beating Olympia Snowe in the polls was impossible.

Upon Sen. Snowe’s retirement, despite a rush to fill the seat, it appeared even harder to find someone well-versed in politics and interested in all Americans — not just the well-heeled — and, most importantly, someone tough enough to take on a divided Washington, currently stymied in a quagmire of selfish, twisted tea party ideology.

We have that person. Democrat State Sen. Cynthia Dill. She is a remarkable woman, pledged to work for all, who is not afraid to go toe to toe with anyone.

At 20, college student Cynthia Dill, who was tending bar, was tossed into the street by a chauvinistic bar owner who didn’t want a woman as bartender. It had to be a man. The unruffled college student took her professor’s advice, sued the bar owner and won.

Now an emboldened woman, she stands firm not only in her own beliefs, but for others, too. As an attorney, she has fearlessly tackled the states of Maine and New Hampshire and even the U.S. government. She has also taken on corrupt police departments and never backed down against big corporations such as American Express and Merrill Lynch.

No shadowboxer, her common-sense reasoning embraces everything, including managing Social Security, eliminating Bush tax cuts for the rich, a single-payer health scheme, education and balancing the budget.

We desperately need someone not afraid to stand up for people. Cynthia Dill is that person.

Ken Buckley


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