Outdoors Gear: Lighted knife

Posted May 04, 2012, at 5:20 p.m.

The Sog Blade Light Fixed knife is something totally new to the market: A knife with a light on it.

It has six LEDs molded into the handle on either side of the knife blade. You don’t have to juggle a flashlight and a knife at the same time doing chores while camping.

I can see it working when you get into camp really late and have to dice the spuds for dinner while the camp lantern is being used by someone else at the picnic table. It could work for dressing out game late into the evening on a hunting trip.

It’s a unique idea. It can be used as a flashlight without using the knife and the knife can be used without the light.

The light is powered by standard alkaline batteries and has push-button switches. A single AA battery provides 25 Lumens of bright white light. It is also water resistant to full immersion.

It can be used as a flashlight while the knife is in the sheath.

Cost: $155. For information, go to http://sogknives.com/store/BLT10-K.html.